Peak 108: I am co-co conscious

Hello dear voice of my inner guidance. I’m happy to be back to myself, and to the sources that inspire and comfort and reassure and inform and centre me.

I’ve just read the 10 year anniversary (2015) new preface of A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. He reminds us of how the caterpillar becomes temporarily dysfunctional before transmuting into the butterfly – and how the same goes for society when it’s shifting from ego-dominant consciousness to awakened (present moment) consciousness. There can be a resurgence in the ego consciousness, but ‘eventually, the ego brings about its own demise’.

I’m reflecting today on how, while for two decades I have pondered much on the phenomenon of the unravelling of society as it shifts paradigm, for a while I became mute and shocked and didn’t act on what I knew…

[Interrupts] Not factual, dear soul, though your self-deprecation is acknowledged. You have always been an urgent mimicker of your own internal intuition. What is occurring now is a willingness to engage that knowledge on the ground in the human landscape. 


Meaning… The way that people who ‘know’ are coping with that knowledge is changing. 

Tbh, I have been overwhelmed a bit over the last few years…

We told you 2012 would be a game-changing year. 

That is true. I didn’t know that what it would do was accelerate the dysfunction and breakdown and unravelling. :/

So important to focus on the increased up-function, break-through and up-ravelling!

Man, this is so true. Can you imagine if I started – really seriously inside my soul, head, mind and words – to start singing my praises of the societal Awakening I’m aware of?! …If I took my attention off the disintegrating caterpillar and refocussed my sight on the emerging butterfly?!

I know, through my conflict resolution work and my mental health work, we really are learning to COLLABORATE, to CONVERSE, to COMMUNICATE… better than ever before! I see the next generation, and they break my heart in to renewed forms with their powerful love and insight. I know that love overcomes hate, and indignant hate never impinges for a second on the original flow of hate.

Let’s read…

-44- Your integrity or your body: Which is more important? Your body or your possessions: Which is worth more? Gain or loss: Which is more harmful? Thus it is that the miser will pay much. The hoarder will suffer great loss. Be content with what you have and you will not be disgraced. Know when to stop and you will be preserved from danger. Only in this way will you long endure. (The Tao Te Ching 44)

To me, this relates to your notion of a couple of days ago: CONSOLIDATE. Stop inventing new wheels. Capitalise on what has been learnt, accrued, developed, achieved, established.

Sit back on your heels. 

Ok. I get that. Yes. ‘Know when to stop.’

And when to start. Apathy is gone. Right action – without striving – is invited. 

How will I carry out the blog/interview idea?

Building up gently. Offer articles to magazines – thus get a real sense of ‘researching’.  Own your themes: MEDS and MEDIATION/RESOLUTION

Aha. Yes. ‘I write about mental health and conflict resolution’?

If you like. Or more positively..? 

I write about collaboration, conversation, communication, contemplation, cooperation…?

More like it… 

‘I should co-co’?

Boom. *mic drops*

*scurries off to find ref*[]


I am co-co conscious. How about that?

Spot on. Play with that and enjoy its richness and light…



  1. togethermutuallyjointly
  2. partner or subordinate in an activity
  3. to the same degree
  4. (mathematics) of the opposite, of the counterpartdual

Together. Mutually, Jointly. (Co- Com- : Latin ‘cum’ = ‘with’)

I am co-co conscious



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