Peak 113: I am constantly checking-in with my Heart

Heart, heart, heart… Well, I have to say that soon after the last Dialogue I fell headlong into a couple of days of complete heartache. A difficult conversation left me reeling and feeling lost, confused, ashamed, hurt, deflated and like hiding away. I felt my heart verily close off and defend itself… despite my seeking to speak through it. But in the end, I think a heartfelt conversation did restore things. Maybe I needed to hear some truths about myself and how I manage myself in busy days…

The message of The Great Awakening has been helpful: Turning inside is key. (p64) When I have found the stillness within me to connect with my heart in meditation, I do indeed access a different kind of inner fuel. It’s a fuel, or energy, or state which really, really grounds me. It made a big difference to the training I delivered yesterday – simply to have connected with my heart in meditation for 5 minutes. Nourishing, anchoring, restoring.

Let’s read.

-49- The True Person does not have an individual heart but uses the heart of the people. I am kind to those who are kind. I am also kind to those who are not kind. Thus, there is an increase in kindness. I keep faith with those who are in good faith. I also keep faith with those who lack good faith. Thus, there is an increase of good faith. The True Person is detached and humble and to the world appears confusing. The people all strain their eyes and ears, yet the True Person remains childlike. (The Tao Te Ching 49)

Interesting: ‘does not have an individual heart but uses the heart of the people’. What does this mean? Looking at other translations, there are wide variations on the interpretation of this chapter. Eg. others end by saying the sage cares for others unconditionally as a mother would care for her children. (vs. ‘remains childlike’). What I love about this chapter however is the exhortation towards unconditional love, kindness, faithfulness. I have been reminded by The Great Awakening book that it’s really important not to get entangled in judgment or horror as the 3D matrix collapses. And I know I have been very merrily wiping my nose with Twitter, and huffing and puffing at the BBC etc etc, as Brexit and more unravels into greater darkness around us.

Greater darkness, you say? 

You know what I mean! Come on, our politics have been hijacked by hubristic archons bent on whipping up the fearful or egotistical natures of the populaces so that great tranches of the electorate will vote to have themselves shot in their own feet for the ultimate benefit of the hate-whipper-uppers.

Such pain and trauma in you. 

Well, at the very least, ‘bemusement’. But in truth, also, yes, ‘horror’ at the lovelessness. Look at Turkey attacking the Kurds…

What if we told you that this spectacle is all the wrapping up of the old, in a vortex? In a vacuum? Take the plug out of a bath tub and for a long time there’s little to see except the general water level getting almost imperceptibly lower. Now consider that happens when the last of the water goes out of the bath: a sudden rushing, whirling, gurgling vortex as the drainpipe seems to whisk and vacuum the water out and away. 

Oh, please let this be true of our old systems. Even our dear environmentalists are causing dismay and dissent. Today XR is occupying London’s public transport at rush hour, thus affecting all those working people who have already abandoned cars for environmental good… Division, dissent, disunity, panic-mongering.

Let it all be the end of an era of lovelessness. But how will the next generation gain and maintain energy to bring in systems of love, of unity, of consultation, of collaboration?

With some help and guidance and motivation from the older generations. 

That’s us!


“There’s another way! You know it..!”

They most certainly do. 

The indigoes will undo the old, broken system; the crystals will seed the new system, with love.

Now go into your heart and meditate. Listen to your heart. ‘Turning inside is key’.


Ok so when I finally settled in enough to bring awareness to my heart area, I found (sensed) my heart as ‘wrung taut’ – a bit like a fox found by a terrier at the dead end of a hole. Why is this?

You’ve been running on Head, and Heart has been loping along behind trying to keep up. 

Again?! Still?!

The HeartShift you are invited to explore is subtle, and requires patience, trust and courage. 

When I went into my heart just now I felt pain welling up.

Healing upon healing upon healing is the work of our times. By bringing awareness to the Heart, the healing occurs. 

Feel it to heal it… How best can I do this awareness work?

{Constant heart check-ins} perform a vital task. Ask yourself, ‘How does my Heart feel about this next action, meal, conversation, activity, experience..?” Become conversant with your Heart. You don’t always need to follow its will, but as clear as day is day, you most certainly will learn that not following the heart creates minor aggravation at the least, and exhaustion and burnout as the typical outcome. You will, dear friend, learn to trust the messages of your dear Heart. 

Big leap, isn’t it? To start to follow Heart not Head.

And yet a minor tweak is all that is needed to steer the ship onto a whole new course, towards a whole new destination. 

Ok, I’ll do these Heart Check-Ins, and become more conversant with my Heart. May I be granted the wisdom and patience to do this properly and to learn to hear my Heart’s voice, and act upon it faithfully, consistently, unconditionally.

I’ll stop Head-charging my life, like a bull in a china shop…

I’m prepared to listen to my softer nature, and trust it.

I am constantly checking-in with my Heart

“Heart, what say you?”

Git up, git on up, git up, git on up…

Ah, yes… time to get up. Thank you!

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