Peak 124: I am connecting heart to heart

‘Daily, daily, daily heart to heart connection.’ There is so much to learn and practice here.

And ‘I am so lucky…’ (Peak 122) = epic and opening and liberating phrase. There is so much to learn and practice here.

I’m off to visit my Dad today, followed by dinner with a dear friend. So just a brief check-in this morning. Let’s read…

-60- Governing a big country is like cooking a small fish. Let all under heaven be governed in accordance with the Tao, and demons [or ghosts: ‘The ghosts, kuei, were the restless spirits of deceased ancestors’ Stenudd] will not manifest their power. It is not that they lack power but rather they will not use their power to harm the people. They are not the only ones who have power and do not use it to harm the people. The True Person does not harm the people. Whenever there is no harm done, that power flows into the common Virtue. (The Tao Te Ching 60)

Man alive, Lao Tzu, I wish you could watch the UK election campaign kick-offs this week. You would weep. 

Imma run with ‘no harm done‘ as my takeaway phrase from today. Also, ‘Governing a big country is like cooking a small fish’ – the same applies to any sizeable project. Less is more. No harm done. Don’t overcook it/yourself/the ideas. No excess energy applied. 


May I divest myself of excess energy, thought and excitement today, so that I might connect heart to heart on my travels. And may I have awareness, true awareness, of what this heart to heart connection is, means and feels like. May I become the watcher, the experiencer, and may true love be channelled through all our hearts. Amen.

I am connecting heart to heart

Picture of two hearts connected

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