Peak 59: I am weightless

Teach me about ‘reaching peace’ or ‘reaching peace again’, please. I mention both phrases because they both keep coming to mind in equal measure.

You can start with ‘Reach Peace’. ‘Again’ implies timelines, which adds noise to the simple intent.

And what of this Reach Peace intent?

The intent is to rise to a frequency of softness and simplicity. It involves ‘rising’ from one heavy frequency to another higher, less dense frequency. The peace frequency is not as tangible as the lower frequencies, and its lack of stimulatory input can cause people to reverse back into the swaddling sensation of the heavier frequency. It’s understandable. Reaching Peace involves developing tolerance to the weightlessness of Peace.

Nothing happening; nothing doing… It’s some people’s idea of hell – isn’t it? Of course, because humans get addicted to stimulation. Which is to say they develop a kind of Stockholm Syndrome around the overstimulated state: they fall into loving complicity with their kidnapper.

Matt Kahn calls the ego the overstimulated nervous system.

And the ego makes you very discomforted if you don’t play along with its demands and tantrums. Can you handle that discomfort? If you can, you’ve reached peace.

Argh… Man… Yes. I must have an ego the size of a dinosaur, because when I ween myself off one stimulatory addiction, there’s always the next one jangling for attention.

In fact, what about ‘stimming’? Where does that fit in?

Good. Helpful. You stim to settle your brain…

Is my brain full of toxic heavy metals?

It is not for us to decree here. What we can do is point you towards the immense value of having a brain that does not easily settle. Because it affords you powerful practice.

True. I know what you mean. I just need to commit.

You committed long ago! You work on this day and night! Your progress is extensive.

Yesterday I hit 200 Days Alcohol Free (except the bottle of beer I put in a shandy mistaking it for AF beer – and didn’t notice til after drinking it).

You are not able to see how much excess noise you shaved away from your days by giving up alcohol. We can.

Should I give up coffee (again)?

There is no need to focus on stripping away stimulants at this moment. Instead, play with getting used to the weightlessness of the peace frequencies. See how it feels to resist the urge to jump back into your body, or into action, or into judgment…

Thank you. I will endeavour. I’m concerned about apathy/laziness…

This is not to say ‘Do Nothing’ – it’s to say, get used to glimpsing the weightlessness of peace and then doing nothing for a second or too. Savour the weightless, do-nothing feeling. Increase your tolerance to ‘being-without-doing’ for a few seconds longer each time…

#PeaceFreq ❣️

I am weightless

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