Peak 61: I am soaking it all in

I love the ‘softening’ sensation – it really is melting. I need morrrrre of that good stuff. Relaxing…

I was blown away by my sister’s use of the hypnobirthing techniques during her labour. She went in to such a deep, deep state – and worked with such focus and gentle power through each contraction (which  in keeping with the hypnobirthing protocols we called ‘surges’ to promote a better psychological connection to the opening of the body). The ‘softening’ work is in some ways akin to that ripening, opening, relaxing process of labour.

I wonder if I can use hypnosis-based meditations to accustom myself to really softening? It’s definitely my conscious mind that ‘pings’ me back to tautness and ‘doingness’. I need more practice in deep relaxation, to help my alert mind (and amygdala in particular) feel comfortable and safe with going offline. This is the work of meditation in general, but I wonder if good hypnosis-based mediations could help me shift more readily into those deep theta brain waves. 

Brain Wave Frequencies from


Those theta brainwaves you’re interested in accessing are linked with greater intuition. However, as they are also linked to greater susceptibility, be careful in what you ‘open’ yourself up to in the theta state. 

Ah yes. Got it. Trusted sources. Like Heidi Sawyer?


And that ex-radio guy, Glenn someone.


What else should I know?

There is still much of great goodness and inspiration to ‘soak in’ on your physical plane.

Ah yes! My sister-in-law talked about going to a certain part of New York that she used to know well, and just finding a place to have a treaty cocktail, and sit and ‘soak it all in’. I really liked that image.

Sometimes it feels attractive and exciting to use the intuitive brain to download things from ‘other’ frequencies and ‘external’ planes. However, there is much to be drawn from, absorbed and learnt from the present reality right before you. You have manifested such beauty and goodness around you – in your loved ones, your home, your physical surroundings, your work. Appreciation of that which you have already created, through your powerful intent, is an important step in honing your ongoing creative skills and refining your manifesting intent. Slow down; soak it all in. 

Lovely. As I get more peaceful, weightless and softened, it becomes possible to be present to the wonder of what is, and soak it all in – right?

Indeed. And if your hypno-meditations are intended to help you be more present to what is (rather than carry you ‘off-planet’ to other dimensions) then they will assist you in ‘soaking it all in’. 

Because the hypno-meditations will allow me to remain longer in the parasympathetic state, right?

Right. Good work. And in the parasympathetic state is when the appreciative ‘soaking it all in’ begins. 

It’s like there are two types of tourist:

The sympathetic state tourist: “Go, go, go! We gotta a schedule! Next stop! Take the picture and go! Back on the coach!” 

The parasympathetic state tourist: “Shall we sit here in this plaza and soak it all in?”

Your hypno-meditations will help you linger longer in the plaza. 

Lush. Let’s see on Insight Timer…

Screenshot of Morning Meditation from Insight Timer



Well, that was a lovely meditation. I’m reminded, I used to do quite a lot of hypnosis-based mediation, from Diana Cooper to Paul McKenna. I like the use of imagination, and conscious breathwork to relax and let. I got the sensation of ‘soaking it all in’ and… the associated joy. Hey, this is a good antidote to anhedonia.

Ok. This is good. May your day be full of soaking in all the good, good wonders in your world. 

Beautiful. Thanks.

I am soaking it all in



Later: On my walk today I did some serious soaking in of the gorgeous woods and an awesome Louise Hay talk:

Oh man, I love Louise Hay so much. What a soul she was. How much I learnt from her, the moment I stopped being triggered by her…!!

I took some notes on the walk..

Change & Transition (talk) by Louise Hay – my interpretations and takeaways:

• Boomerang effect is constant: whatever we give out comes back, including how we behave to ourselves (eg respect/love vs belittling/fear)

• Be patient with your vacillations back and forth between old paradigm beliefs/actions, and new. It takes time to settle in and embed the new paradigm belief systems.

• Loving ourselves is the main aim – and thus settling into inner peace. And helping others heal old traumas and love themselves is worthy work.

• There is no them and us. There’s only us. People acting violently/aggressively are likely acting out childhood trauma.

• What’s your addiction? (AT: rejecting joy??) Find a positive addiction eg loving yourself; affirmations

• Stress = Fear. If feeling stressed asked yourself ‘What am I fearing? What am I creating in me? Why am I not at peace with myself? Why am I not doing one thing at a time?’ Say: How can I release this fear?

• Love is the answer. From a loving space of the heart. When you love yourself life is so much easier – and so much more fun! You enjoy life! Really support yourself – and then you can support others.

• The more you turn to your higher power (God within you) the more powerful you become.

Thanks, Louise. I have loved this talk.

#PeaceFreq ❣️

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