Pivot 105: I am becoming aware (again) of my rejection sensitivity

I have this sense of how I can ‘contribute helpfully to the time’ by visualising love rising up. I have seen, yet again, some truly shocking and tragic sights online in the last 24 hours, from the darkest sides of current human history. I know that if I can be strong enough to witness that without spinning into reaction, fear or judgement, then I can allow the knowledge of these activities to give turbo charge to my prayer and action for peace, unity, love and light.

This is a bold statement. 

***15minInnerBalance – 80% high coherence – av co. 4.0***


Soul, speak to me.

You are doing beautifully. Truly, you are doing so well. We know it’s a difficult time for you. And yet, look at you! Look at how you are flourishing. You have a profitable business, you have harmonious relationships, you are using your expertise, you are your own boss, you have a beautiful routine.

I want to get more into the flow of it all… Whooshing along… Feeling I’m really living as my true self. Articulating what I really know.

Ah… you are curious again about corporate / non-corporate? 

I feel the lines are generally blurring there in the wider world. I can bring more of myself… Where is my tribe? I feel like I’m bootstrapping a bit.

Ask: where and how can I most helpfully contribute with my visualisations of PULL? This is maybe about providing healing at the interpersonal level, is it not? Can you ask yourself: what is this all about? What am I doing here, chatting away to myself? Who is this for and what is this all about? 

I do!!

So, what do you need to know?

How to do deal with rejection. That’s it really.

Excellent. How to deal with rejection is a great place to start. First: become aware (again) of your rejection sensitivity. This is good work. 

Ok. Ty. Better go to work. x

I am becoming aware (again) of my rejection sensitivity

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