Pivot 113: I am communing with my unseen Crew

Unconditional Love certainly is a marathon! That’s for sure. But what a great focus to my days. You really could commit to being neutral (aka non-judging) and unconditionally loving… and you’d have your ‘Work’ cut out for you for the rest of your time on Earth!

And it would be fun!

Yes, I guess it would. Why? Tell me more.

It would be fun because whatever you do in this work, you are growing closer to being in alignment with your own Inner Being! Your Inner Being never judges and it always love you and everyone else unconditionally. So when you act like your Inner Being, you’re becoming aligned with it. And the very definition of happiness is… alignment with your Inner Being.

I do remember, way back when I was, maybe 10 or so, realising that most ‘grown-up’ people went about life being… grumpy, or out of kilter, or – what I now know to be – out of alignment with their own Inner Being. I remember distinctly the moment of that realisation and just thinking, “But… why?!” In that freshness of childhood, I could see so clearly that I was tripping along in a state of general ease and wellbeing (as an Aspie, my stim world would have been rich as chocolate back then), and they (the grown ups) were tripped up by endless complaints. (Pinched off, as Abraham would say.) And of course, soon enough, I fell in to that paradigm too.

And now is the time to rewind back to the former state. 

Reverse to childhood?

Reclaim the connection to the Inner Being, unapologetically, and unfalteringly. What fun! Especially as – drumroll – neutral non-judgment and unconditional love start with…


‘Rich as chocolate’ is the experience of tending to ourselves with non-judgment and unconditional love. 

“And are you knowing what you are wanting..?” One of the things I gave myself in the last weeks was the opportunity to return to novels. Not high literature, nor even heart-wrenching or earnest novels. Just truly light, fun, gossipy, comedic, romantic, socially-observant, romping storyline novels – to read before bed. I got one (Grown ups (ha!) by Marian Keyes) and, to my delight and relief, it made me want to put down my phone/let go of the day, and go to bed – something normally so hard for me to achieve. And the uncomplicated reading helps me sleep better! Why had I withheld this simple pleasure from myself?

Yesterday, I finally deleted Twitter and Facebook from my phone. I may go more into Instagram, as DD2 says it’s less toxic than Twitter, and has much inspiration.

I’m pruning off the things that suck my joy, and prioritising the simple pleasures available in this life.

I have a question. Is it true we can only see 1% of what is actually visible, with the naked eye?

Your sight is extremely narrow in its range. That is part of how you know you are on Earth having a physical life. You know that if you could see everything, you would see nothing. 

I long for fuller sight… I long to see the invisible world, the world unseen. What’s there? Who’s there? If the characters in a novel can so preoccupy me, imagine how fascinated I would be to see who else is in our sphere.

The higher your frequency, the higher your capacity for sight. But ironically, as you raise your frequency, your attachment to being able to see the unseen diminishes. 

I think raising our frequency is a good thing though, right?

The shortest way to a higher frequency is to be in a state of joy – and you reach joy by being tickled by ‘what is’, by ‘what is seen/felt/heard/touched – and even by ‘what is dreamed/imagined/envisioned’. So revel in ‘what is’ in your world in this now moment. By all means, like Esther, plan a road trip where you know you will have a stream opportunities to say ‘I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this…”. But equally, you can sit right there on your sofa and play “I spy” with things to like. This will raise your frequency no end, and then you won’t be thinking about all you cannot see. You will be actually working with the things you can see. And… in that moment, the unseen world will be able to work with you, in the way it’s designed to work. You see? There’s a reason why you are set not to see the unseen. You wouldn’t want to watch a play at theatre without the upstage curtain hiding the stagehands, sets, props table and dressing rooms. You wouldn’t want to watch a movie with microphones dangling into view and set runners wandering in and out of the shot. We have created a marvellous, marvellous fantasy world for you – and you have full control of how it unfolds. Let our crew work unseen, so that you can get the best experience of physical life possible! 

‘Our crew’. I love it. Thank you. That really changes it up for me. In that framing, I can imagine the unseen beings are there for our delectation and delight… aiding, assisting, supporting the experience. And maybe, in another ‘time’, I will do the same for others having a life experience – so it’s all just each of us spiritual entities giving each other a virtual reality experience, and taking turns to ‘wear the VR mask’ and to ‘support the VR mask wearer not to fall down, and to have a fantastic experience’. Like this:

Nicely put. Yes, if you take off the VR mask, the life experience is truly not so fun. 

That’s been very helpful. Can I still talk to the people/beings/entities outside my VR experience?

By all means. But check in on your spirit as you do so. You need to speak at a level they can hear. Get aligned first. 

Ok, so we are talking prayer?

Not your old kind of prayer. That is often low-vibe greeting and gurning. Think more: communion. If you wanted to speak to a person who was very sick in bed, you would adapt your voice and manner to connect with them, right? There, you know how to adapt your manner. Now, imagine, instead of connecting with someone sick in bed, you were connecting with some one who only heard very high frequency sound. Yes, we see you drawing in, raising your eyebrows, and tilting your head forward. Good. That’s really how to get yourself in the communing mode with your folks standing next to you. In your VR state, you had to drop out of alignment – that’s the emotional roller coaster that life is all about. Your folks standing next to you are still in the original aligned state – so if you want to chat, raise up, raise up, raise up. Like when you sing – they can hear you then. 

Another analogy is this: you went underground caving as a ‘life experience’ and the folks are holding your safety cable. If you wanted to speak to them, you wouldn’t use the same voice you’d use to speak to someone also in the cave with you. You’d have to project your voice up the underground channels to be heard by the people up on the ground. 

Yes, got it. And what I love is the sense that the ‘folks’ are my original friends – not some kind of magic masterful Wizard of Oz type characters.

They are your friends. And they happen to have infinite intelligence too. 

Did I have infinite intelligence before I came into this life?

You had access to all you needed to know in any one moment. And yes, that is infinite intelligence. 

Do I still have access to that intelligence?

You are accessing it here. 

Crumbs. That’s what we’re doing here?

Looks like it from here! 

Who are you?

You. But ‘lighter’ and ‘brighter’.

In another form?

In formlessness. 

Isn’t that excellent?

We said to keep on the VR mask. We didn’t say you had to cover your inner ears. 

Honestly, I love you, lighter, brighter Me.

And that, sweet soul, is the purpose of it all.

🙂 Literally smiling away here. And so today…?

Talk to the folks, if you would like to. Just practice telling them what you like. Point stuff out in your Now moments. “I like this…… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this… and I like this.” 

This is an excellent way to deepen the connection with yourself, with your alignment to your Inner Being and to those unseen folks you’re so obsessed with. 😉

Got it. Tysm!!!

Hey folks, I like this space here and these dialogues very much.

One last thing: take care to remain in your central, neutral space… Let joy in, but soften excitement. In Reality Transurfing, there are good explanations of ‘excess potential’ and ‘splashing your hands on the surface of the water’. 

Ah, water waves in qigong… Calm and centred… Calm and centred… I can do that.

They will hear you better, and you will connect better, rather than pop them out of your sphere with your mixed frequencies. 

Ok. Got it. Calm and centred. I like that. More like a lady walking calmly through a department store in her high heels, pointing at stuff she likes – “I like this…” – so the staff can pick the things up and take them to the till.

That would fit with a more queenly state… if that’s your preference. 

I’m just remembering that, with the QM coaching, I’m meant to be practising some feminine magnetism…

You can do this work from the hara, by all means. 

That’s it. Settle in the hara, and spot what iLike in any given moment. ‘I like this…’ Feel the liking in the body, not just the head or heart. Really feel the liking as a physical experience, connected…

And remember, this is a conversation you are having now. The ‘folks’ is not the right word here. Try, ‘friends’. Tell the unseen friends what you like as you go. They are holding you while you have the VR mask on. They are interested to know what you like. They can help you find more of what you like. Whatever you describe, you will get more of. So, tell the unseen friends what stirs you in joy. Tell them. You are experiencing something unique. “If we were in your physical shoes… we would try out all there is and revel in it.” Say, “Beloved Unseen Friends, standing here in these physical shoes, I am loving…” Converse. Send messages. Receive messages. This is your Crew for this journey. Ask for what you need. Let them know how you are.

You wish is their command. Commune with your Crew. 

Thank you.

I am communing with my unseen Crew (“Beloved Unseen Friends, standing here in these physical shoes, I am loving…”)



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