Pivot 112: I am putting on my neutral trainers and running the marathon of Unconditional Love 

Maybe, just maybe, the world is getting better. Maybe, just maybe, all is well. Maybe, just maybe, healing is occurring. Maybe, just maybe, we are purging old pains and traumas for the wellbeing of all…

It only takes for us to acknowledge the possibility, right?

7.20. Time to go inside. 

***15minInnerBalance- HighCoherence  79%- Av Coherence 2.9***


“I am neutral. If it’s polar, binary, contentious, I stand outside it and send love to all. Nature is neutral not polarised… I can stand in that. Love is neutral, I stand in that.” These are the thoughts that popped me into High Coherence. What do you say about neutrality, dear voice of my soul?

Neutrality is where it is at! You are right: love is all-encompassing, and nature too. Why, because Creation = Source = Love. 

And polarity?

Polarity comes from judgment. How exhausting it is to stand in judgment. How much brain power it takes. Judgment and Joy can not walk hand in hand. They are mutually excluding. It’s the one or the very other. Judgment is a ‘joy sponge’. 

But isn’t ‘good judgment’ part of just… growing up?

Initially, while the ego is strengthening itself. You however are on the cusp of the stage of life where you need to judge less, because you have seen that judgment exhausts the energy stores. You are invited to stand outside the circle of combat, and look on while holding that very circle in unconditional love. In other words, if you have energy to spare (and you do), spend it on holding others in unconditional love, rather than on judging them (for good or for ill). Your heart sinks as you waver between ‘agreeing with’ and ‘condemning’. Your brain’s machinations never give you a satisfactory answer. You are flick-flacking like a loose shutter banging in the dark of a windy night.

No judgment is needed in this day of the uprising of love. No judgment. Do not add to the polarisation with your half-hearted condemnations. If you have breath and brain energy to spare, put on your neutral trainers and run the marathon of Unconditional Love today. Now that is fitness training for you. 

Tysm. x

I am putting on my neutral trainers and running the marathon of Unconditional Love 




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