Pivot 115: I am saying and embodying, ‘All is well’.

I’m getting the feeling that learning about LightCasting is a journey.

It is a skill learnt by practice. You may not know you are being effective, when you are. Carry on regardless. This is faith. 

Ok. And I’m not interfering in anyone’s own path or intention?

By seeing someone as whole, perfect and worthy of your love? No. If you are trying to ‘influence’ them that is different. We are not spell casting! We are holding the All in the light of peace, unity and love. 

It’s reminding me of ho’oponopono. In fact, I’ve been using that a little bit this morning regarding some people I know having a hard time at the moment.

There is enormous wisdom here. 

See only that which is wanted

Where there is pain, focus your eyes on a world of healing.

Where there is blame, focus your eyes on a world of forgiveness. 

Where there is corruption, focus your eyes on a world of justice. 

This is good Work for you – it will lead you deeper into the professional work you do. Never see a conflict as a problem. Always see it for what it is: forgiveness unfolding, whether in this life or the next. As you hold faith in that, and use a technique like ho’oponopono to create that zero state from which all is repented, forgiven, appreciated and loved… you will really be contributing helpfully. And your anxiety will lift without medication. Live in a world where healing, forgiveness and justice emerging are your bread and butter. 

This is true service. 

So, in my mind, I can see my clients as healed and connected…


Ty. And so today?

All is well. Say: “All is well.” As it is. 


And remember to embody the phrase, whatever that looks like for you today.

Ok. Ty.

I am saying and embodying, ‘All is well’.

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