Pivot 142: I am embracing Peace of Mind

The ‘knowing of my heart’ is coming in slowly and quietly… Is it really the ‘prayers of my heart’ I need to be listening out for?

Yes. Exactly. The heart makes its own prayers, independently of the mind. Listen in; enquire. 

***The Next Day***

I spent yesterday (Day 6 of our staycation – a 7 mile walk) enquiring in to the prayers of my heart. This is what I heard…

  • planetary ascension (for us All – and yes I know… but honestly, the concept makes my heart leap, so I’m putting it down)
  • contact & communion (of my heart with Source… and the Unseen…)

This is where I can genuinely sense my heart yearning, or its ears pricking, or its ‘face’ smiling… Am I making any sense?

Yes. Now calm right down. Practise that conscious breathing. Soften. Forgive all passing thoughts and memories. ‘Focus inward with a calm, interiorised mind…’ Become soft. Listen.

Grand. You are learning, especially thanks to this holiday with the long walks, to be present to your own internal world. It really is a dopamine fast which you needed, in order to hear yourself as you truly are. You have had the habit of looking outwards to know what next to think. “What’s on the task list, what’s most urgent, what’s occurring, what’s in the calendar, what’s on my playlist, what’s going to stimulate me, what’s going to calm me..???” Sound familiar? 

Yes. And going at no-dopamine-boost pace has been a challenge. I’m hoping that I’m starting to get the benefits?

No news! 

Ok. I’ll delete the stupid news app.

Turn inwards. 

****40 mins later ***

I know you said to turn inwards, but somehow I just watched this whole video, with tears pouring down my face…

Bless me. Please.

Read, dear one. 


Man, I just read the last several chapters of ACIM’s Manual for Teachers. It is such a gift. A real summary and quickstart guide to ACIM.

Some favourite quotes:

M22.9 To forgive is to heal. 10 The teacher of God has taken accepting the Atonement for himself as his only function.

M-23.4. The name of Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol. 2 But it stands for love that is not of this world. 3 It is a symbol that is safely used as a replacement for the many names of all the gods to which you pray.

M-24.5.3 ..it would be a mistake for him to renounce the belief unless his internal Teacherso advised. [DODs <3]

M-24.6. The emphasis of this course always remains the same;—it is at this moment that complete salvation is offered you, and it is at this moment that you can accept it. 2 This is still your one responsibility. 3 Atonement might be equated with total escape from the past and total lack of interest in the future. 4 Heaven is here. 5 There is nowhere else. 6 Heaven is now. 7 There is no other time. 8 No teaching that does not lead to this is of concern to God’s teachers.

M-25.6. Any ability that anyone develops has the potentiality for good. 2 To this there is no exception. 

M-26.8 If God were reached directly in sustained awareness, the body would not be long maintained.

M-27.7. Teacher of God, your one assignment could be stated thus: Accept no compromise in which death plays a part. 2 Do not believe in cruelty, nor let attack conceal the truth from you. 

M-28.2. The resurrection is the denial of death, being the assertion of life. 2 Thus is all the thinking of the world reversed entirely. 3 Life is now recognized as salvation, and pain and misery of any kind perceived as hell. 4 Love is no longer feared, but gladly welcomed. 5 Idols have disappeared, and the remembrance of God shines unimpeded across the world. 6 Christ’s face is seen in every living thing, and nothing is held in darkness, apart from the light of forgiveness. 7 There is no sorrow still upon the earth. 8 The joy of Heaven has come upon it.

M-28.3. Here the curriculum ends. 2 From here on, no directions are needed. 3 Vision is wholly corrected and all mistakes undone. 4 Attack is meaningless and peace has come. 5 The goal of the curriculum has been achieved. 6 Thoughts turn to Heaven and away from hell. 7 All longings are satisfied, for what remains unanswered or incomplete? 8 The last illusion spreads across the world, forgiving all things and replacing all attack. 9 The whole reversal is accomplished. 10 Nothing is left to contradict the Word of God. 11 There is no opposition to the truth. 12 And now the truth can come at last. 13 How quickly will it come as it is asked to enter and envelop such a world!

M-28.4. All living hearts are tranquil with a stir of deep anticipation, for the time of everlasting things is now at hand. 2 There is no death. 3 The Son of God is free. 4 And in his freedom is the end of fear. 5 No hidden places now remain on earth to shelter sick illusions, dreams of fear and misperceptions of the universe. 6 All things are seen in light, and in the light their purpose is transformed and understood. 7 And we, God’s children, rise up from the dust and look upon our perfect sinlessness. 8 The song of Heaven sounds around the world, as it is lifted up and brought to truth.

M-29.6 The curriculum is highly individualized, and all aspects are under the Holy Spirit’s particular care and guidance. 7 Ask and He will answer. 8 The responsibility is His, and He alone is fit to assume it. 9 To do so is His function. 10 To refer the questions to Him is yours. [DoDs <3] 11 Would you want to be responsible for decisions about which you understand so little? 12 Be glad you have a Teacher Who cannot make a mistake. 13 His answers are always right. 14 Would you say that of yours? M-29.3. There is another advantage,—and a very important one,—in referring decisions to the Holy Spirit with increasing frequency. 2 Perhaps you have not thought of this aspect, but its centrality is obvious. 3 To follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance is to let yourself be absolved of guilt. 4 It is the essence of the Atonement. 5 It is the core of the curriculum.

M-29.5. Who assumes a power that he does not possess is deceiving himself. 2 Yet to accept the power given him by God is but to acknowledge his Creator and accept His gifts. 3 And His gifts have no limit. 4 To ask the Holy Spirit to decide for you is simply to accept your true inheritance. 5 Does this mean that you cannot say anything without consulting Him? 6 No, indeed! 7 That would hardly be practical, and it is the practical with which this course is most concerned. 8 If you have made it a habit to ask for help when and where you can, you can be confident that wisdom will be given you when you need it. 9 Prepare for this each morning, remember God when you can throughout the day, ask the Holy Spirit’s help when it is feasible to do so, and thank Him for His guidance at night. 10 And your confidence will be well founded indeed. [DODs]

And now, I’m instantly called to read The Presence Process by Michael Brown, on:

  • encounters with Presence
  • authentic beingness
  • the radiance of present moment awareness
  • consciously connected breathing
  • integrative healing
  • the shamanic paradigm

I’ve read the preface, and am so moved. It’s like a handbook for working with the ACIM teachings.! And for overcoming the dopamine twitching!!

This morning has been a roller coaster. Thank you! I have truly connected and communed! This really is living within this beautiful planetary ascension. Oh, your advice for today?

Recall: ‘thoughts turn to Heaven and away from hell’ 

I’ll use that ‘consciously connected breathing’ to turn my thoughts to Heaven today. It’s a rainy day. May I develop my present moment awareness within it. And, what should I work with, also?

Peace of mind. Let this CCB grant you Peace of Mind. In the here and now, all is truly peaceful! Use ‘peace of mind’ as an indicator that you are in the here and now of heaven. When your egoic mind fires up a fear fest, step it down. Do this all day, with consummate softness, and you will step lightly towards that precious Presence. Embrace Peace of Mind, no matter how your mind might scream. Embrace Peace of Mind. 

Thank you. Here and now is all there is, and when I rest my attention in the here and now, I can welcome that gentle peace of mind. Thank you. I will look towards mind-screams as indicators that I’m doing well!! Amen.

I am embracing Peace of Mind

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