Pivot 143 / Presence 1: I am embarking on the Presence project (#TEWTAP for entering PMA)

And now?

And now, quiet. Peace and quiet. In the stillness, wisdom is fomented, innate genius is tapped. Do you see? 

I believe I might. What would you have me know, do or say today?

You are invited to rest in present moment awareness. Is that satisfactory to you?

Ha! You know I’d rather do many things but that… Satisfaction, for me, is borne out of accomplishment, in time and space.

Could it be time (and space) to redefine satisfaction, for you? 

Yes… Yesterday, instead of writing here, or meditating or reading, I watched this beautiful documentary on earthing or grounding – feet on the ground:


Along with reading The Presence Process…

with its aspects of:

  • encounters with Presence
  • authentic beingness
  • the radiance of present moment awareness
  • consciously connected breathing
  • integrative healing
  • the shamanic paradigm

… I’m hearing it’s time to befriend Present Moment Awareness. We’re back to where we started looking for my Aspie Zen Zone..! Pivoting into… presence???

Welcome to the Presence Project. 

Seriously?! Did we finish the Pivot Project?? Did I even pivot??

Of course you did! It was a fundamental change in your nature! 

Well, if so, I can only really give thanks for the grace of lockdown which forced me to slow down and appreciate simplicity, rhythms, routines, nature, my body, health… The year 2020 has indeed been a pivot for humanity. Nothing less than a global pandemic would have allowed humanity to shift. I glean there are two interpretations to this shift.

One interpretation says, we have been made subjugated subjects of an elite led state which is gas-lighting the pants off us, entrancing us with arbitrary rules, and disempowering us with fear-mongering… Hellish.

The other, my favoured interpretation, says, we are sovereign and we have rested, and in that resting our sovereignty has been made manifest. Under the cover of a pandemic, forces of light and dark have waged war in an end of times show down that has cleared darkness from hidden corners, and introduced a new paradigm of light and love.  Heavenly.

Mostly, I feel, we are in the world we believe ourselves to be in, and I choose ‘heaven’.

Heaven is always here and now. And if you would allow yourself to walk through the doorway of present moment awareness more often, you would find that heaven became more of a Home than a fleeting haven.

In this, the Presence project, you are invited to experiment with techniques and practices for entering present moment awareness, or PMA. You will enjoy tracking them, playing with them, assessing them, and learning from them. You will enjoy this project very much. 

I am completely thrilled! Thank you! I love this. I am grateful for the journey we share, dear ‘internal Teacher’ [ACIM refs] of my Heart and Soul.

To experiment with techniques and practices for entering PMA’ is so tangible! So do-able!

Mnemonic: TEWTAP for entering PMA

I am embarking on the Presence project
(#TEWTAP for entering PMA)


PS. Just picked up The Presence Process and carried on where I’d left off a few days ago (pgxxviii). Look at the lines I immediately read:

‘Whenever the opportunity presented itself, I used myself as a laboratory for experimenting with activation of present moment awareness, and my subsequent experience became an arena for observing the effects of becoming present.’ Michael Brown 


_________Intro to the presence project

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