WorkDialogue 1: The School of Dialogue – ‘Leap in. Leap on.’

Hello, dear Internal Teacher, as they call you in ACIM. I have come to consult you about my work. I have given myself time off to think about my approach. And I’ve also called this pension week, because I would like to be able to pay into a pension soon, or create enough money to give a natural pension. I need to really access my deepest wisdom… Which is you. So, over to you…

What would you like to ask? 

How to make a shed-load of money… How to launch myself in this world… How to be well-off financially…

Great you asked.


Because this sounds like fun! And we love fun! As your beloved mother said…

It’s gotta be fun! So what do you think is the next step here….? A nap?

No! A spot of food! Some toast. And come back. After a pee. We have work to do! 

We do? I’m so glad!! I’ll be downloading as a go… BRB!


So I had some toast, a pee and… a long deep nap, waiting for you to start downloading the good stuff. I was woken my the Amazon delivery guy banging on the back door, bearing 10 cotton face masks and a copy of Untamed, the book Adele credited with her new courage/authenticity last week. I’d ordered it on the spot. And it arrived today. I’ve just read the first 50 pages. I have the feeling of wonder, and jealousy, that I had reading Eat Pray Love. Like, this should be me writing this book.

In the past few weeks, the sensation of cutting my throat has been daily. An interesting addition was the sensation, image, of sliding a serrated knife up the side of my neck, earwards, and twisting it.

It’s time to unfurl whatever is trying to unfurl itself.

What is it?

You think you don’t know but you do. And you know you want me to say it, and I won’t. 

That’s unhelpful.

If I had a basement, I’d go into it and write. A deep basement. With immense silence. And not come out til the work was done.

Go ahead. The basement is in your mind anyway. 

Is it though? Is it?

Work with me.

Here we are. Ready for you as you are ready for action. You have the world at your feet, as does she and he and they. The world awaits the action of the activated, so act. Rise up on to your tiptoes and wave your flag high above the parapet you built with your good intentions. What is yours to give?

The School of Dialogue.

Leap in. Leap on. That is your next step. That is truly all there is to know and do. The rest will follow. 

And do what?

Claim its mission and activities and services. MAS. 

Mission: to make mediation mainstream, by which I mean, share far and wide the principles and tools of healthy dialogue for conflict resolution.

Activities: share info on social media channels and promote dialogue

Services: training, mediation, speaking.

***Next nap……………………..Next Day***

Ok, I’m back. What else? What next? What’s happening today? I’ve got this whole day off to think about The Next Phase.

What’ya doing here then? 

Checking in. Getting data. Hearing your wisdom loud and clear.

Awesome. You know what, dear Soul, what you are doing now is really, really important. It’s not a throwaway moment. It’s a ‘Wow, we’re doing this’ moment. So bring your best self to the table, and prepare yourself for a banquet. You are here on this planet to talk about Dialogue. It’s your Mission. So get in the Mission Mode you love. You know, when you feel excited, and focussed, and sure of yourself. There is nothing better than feeling in Mission. 

It is so so so clear to you that the world communicates in strange and uncomfortable and conflictual ways, and that the way the world talks dialogues creates discord, disharmony, pain, rage and the deceleration of human evolution. 

By creating the School of Dialogue you can address this matter, and never run out of things to talk about. You can grow this baby out of the seed you received in lockdown. Do it! Do it now. 

Today Google marks the 117th birthday of Barbara Hepworth. She left lumps of gloriously conceived stone behind.

Barbara Hepworth's 117th Birthday

Gloriously conceived…

Run with this new theme. It is your route to sharing your personal writing too. Make this your championing of Dialogue. Leave behind all concerns of self. Offer what you can to the world, and do it with a fervour. With a passion. 

Do I make this a limited company??

NO! Stop thinking about these things. Just pile forward with the actual content first. You know perfectly well that this is about information, knowledge, skills. Your beautiful autistic brain was designed for this project. Stand up and be counted for this cause. We Can Talk Better. 

We can talk better. I looked it up…

‘Come over here. Sit down in this comfortable chair. We can talk better’, Cavallari reported that the Pope said to him.


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