Pivot 35: Practise the way of vibrational diligence

That self-organising of self/spaces/week was good yesterday. I did it for c.6 hours, and didn’t finish… But I did clear my desk and my car, take out a lot of rubbish, and look at the week ahead. I also went to town and did a bit of bd shopping for my Love. And I felt good. Also, I used Switch120 and the 8 Activity slots to keep myself on track. Been awake since 4.30… Saw 4.44 on the clock when I went down, and just now, I turned round from my computer to see the most enormous orange full moon sinking behind the trees on the horizon…

Interested to tune in to you today. Shall we read?

RIGHT EFFORT: When you practice zazen, just practice zazen. If enlightenment comes, it just comes. We should not attach to the attainment. The true quality of zazen is always there, even if you are not aware of it, so forget all about what you think you may have gained from it. Just do it. The quality of zazen will express itself; then you will have it. People ask what it means to practice zazen with no gaining idea, what kind of effort is necessary for that kind of practice. The answer is: effort to get rid of something extra from our practice. If some extra idea comes, you should try to stop it; you should remain in pure practice. That is the point towards which our effort is directed.  Zen Mind  p60


Good. I’m glad I did that. Keeping the meditation fairly empty was good – coming back to the sound of the nearby computer whirring each time thoughts arose. Noting, again… some feelings of anger and frustration. Nu?

Authenticity. The inner being is longing for authenticity. Not the ‘shoulder-pad persona’, nor the ‘nice-lady persona’. The fire dragon. 

The dragon lady??!

Happy International Women’s Day, dear friend. You see, phrases like ‘dragon lady’ were designed precisely to push women into a place of powerlessness. Think about what is summoned by the phrase ‘fire dragon’, when applied to a woman. 

Burning away dross. Clearing paths. Defending the vulnerable. Speaking truth to power. Persisting.

And so it is pleasing to let you know that all that you have articulated here is exactly what is on offer to you and to all who would step into the fire dragon persona. To enter this kind of energy it is helpful to step back from the world briefly, and shake off the dust of despondency. 

My despondency can be strong. Help me shake it away, please.

Look into your achievements. No, but really. Look in to them. Can you honour them? 

So many of them feel less like things I set out to accomplish, than … my running alongside a moving train to keep up with it.

And if that is what you achieved by running alongside a moving train, imagine what you could achieve if you set a destination, got on the train and steered it. 

Yes. I see… Like what…?

What would you like to change in the world? 

This division. This shouting at each other. People being horrible to each other. People using words to obfuscate, trick, overpower, belittle… As I always say, ‘WORDS HAVE POWER.’ Can’t we use them wisely, kindly, truthfully, directly? Can’t we all actually communicate with each other, rather than shouting at each other? Can’t we LISTEN? And can’t we ENCOURAGE? Can’t we communicate LOVE? When  was unwell  a few years ago, I was so shocked and scared by the way the state communicates with vulnerable people. It’s so brutal, unkind, and unfair. We need to communicate love. But if I say that, people run away…

Do they? When did you last try..? When did you stand on your soapbox and proclaim these beliefs to the world? 

…. I didn’t.

Hear the sage in you, fire dragon. Hear her. If WORDS HAVE POWER, so do yours. What will you do with your words? How will you use your words to burn back division and cast spells of love on this world, fire dragon? 

What about my fear of speaking into the void…? :-/

What of it? Who says you can’t speak into the void, fire dragon? if words have power, speak them precisely into the void!! That’s where they are needed most. Are you waiting for permission to speak, dear soul? Is that it? 

Yes… Yes, I am. It’s my age-old life lesson. ‘Find your voice’.

Speak like nobody’s watching? 

I remember I hired a room so that I could work up a new theatre show. In the end, the fear of people hearing me through the windows stopped me from going… And yet, I wanted people to hear me through the windows. I longed to be heard. It was a catch-22.

Ok. This, this, this, dear soul, this conversation is really good work. 

What shall become of it?

What would you like to become of it? 

I would like for my desires and my beliefs to align. I would like to get to that authenticity place. I would like to drop the personas. I would like to find my voice in this world – as others I know and love have and have not done. I would  like to find my voice in order to find my tribe. I would like to communicate deeply, fully and passionately. I would love to be amongst soul friends. And be able to thrive financially. That is my wish. 

Where are your soul friends, dear one? 

I guess at a particular frequency?

Spot on. Like dolphins, you need to signal to each other to find each other. Soul friends find each other on the frequency line. 

Remember yesterday you heard Abraham talk about ‘pivoting’? 

Yes!! This was amazing. I’d completely forgotten the Abraham had a pivoting process…

The Process of Pivoting
The Process of Pivoting: ‘Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say: Something is important here; otherwise, I would not be feeling this negative emotion. What is it that I want? And then simply turn your attention to what you do want. . . . In the moment you turn your attention to what you want, the negative attraction will stop; and in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin. And—in that moment—your feeling will change from not feeling good to feeling good. That is the Process of Pivoting.’ -Abraham Excerpted from the book – “Money and the Law of Attraction”

Excellent. Here we are, taking the effort out of our thinking again. Super. (#RightEffort). Every difficult feeling is telling you what you do want. So, you’ve had quite a time of it being frequency-neutral, and now you’re saying you want to find your tribe and thrive financially.

Exactly. Put bluntly, if I hang out only with love-huggers like myself, I ain’t going to be circulating with people I can work for or even with. But, lurching into 3D land the whole time (where commerce apparently occurs)… it’s tricky and exhausting… What do you recommend?

We recommend you really work on cleaning your frequency on a daily basis. This is completely about today’s Zen theme of #RightEffort: not too much pushpushpushing, but rather keeping the constant way of vibrational diligence. 

Say what?!  ‘Vibrational diligence.’ That’s a great phrase. What’s my best form of vibrational diligence?

Honestly? Exercise, physical movement, stirring the energies, getting fit and strong, physical expression. 

Really? Wow. I wasn’t expecting that.

Your body is longing for expression. 

It’s burnt out with fricking adrenal fatigue. :-[

Your body is longing for expression. You are a very kinaesthetic person. 

Why I loved theatre…

Why dialogue is a good theme. Scripts are dialogues too. Verbatim theatre is still good. 

Stop it… Really?


Consider whether you are ‘offering a service’ or leading your own movement. Ok? Do that for us. Get out of ‘fitting in’ and get back into ‘creative’ mode. Ok? For the sake of all that is good in this world. HELP PEOPLE DIALOGUE; HELP PEOPLE FIND THEIR VOICE; HELP PEOPLE COMMUNICATE CREATIVELY – and all that you long for and give away at the same time, will come back to you. 


Source of my Being,

Holy Heart of my Soul.

What One Thing would You have me do today?

Commit to helping people dialogue.

Well. Yes. Ty. I realise that needs some consideration. I really want to translate these learnings into the real world.

Well, practise the way of vibrational diligence via physical movement, stirring up the energies, #RightEffort, constant conscious pivoting from the ‘unwanted’ to the ‘wanted’… and all good things become possible. 

Practise the way of vibrational diligence

PS. Just found this previous dialogue…: http://dialoguesofdiscernment.com/peak-63-i-am-magnetising


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