Yesterday, alongside holding ‘This too shall pass’ in mind, and Finding What Feels Good, I spent a lot of time crying.

We are in a pandemic situation, with a government that won’t act – because it thinks we’re too stupid/untrustworthy to follow lockdown instructions, but mostly because it cares more for the economy than for the people.

And the accounts coming in from around the world, and the doctors of Italy especially, are heartbreaking. The suffering and loss and overwhelm of the health services. My heart breaks open for those affected now, and those who will be affected.

I must wake up. I must wake up. I must contribute. I must offer something. I must get off my airy-fairy solipsism, and offer something concrete and earthly. I have my one-trick, and I’m really good at it.

Offer it. 

Why the hesitation? 

Is your heart pure? 

I don’t know! Marketing seems like trying to benefit from others’ pain.

Sweetcheeks, are you saying that therapists shouldn’t offer their services, that care agencies shouldn’t advertise, that doctors shouldn’t get paid..?

Awaken, dear soul. Awaken. You have something to give. Give it. Publish your articles. Give your skills away for free, and that will make you feel better and give the karmic cycle some positive momentum. But, whatever it takes… HELP people. Drop the masks of deference, attention-doubting, professional-posturing… and HELP PEOPLE. You have a skill. For heavens’ sake, in this day of all days, USE it, USE it to HELP PEOPLE, come what may. The NHS staff are going to have to give their ALL. Do likewise. Give your all to this situation. OFFER your SERVICES with love and a pure heart. Aim to HELP PEOPLE. You will KNOW when you actually achieve this because you will feel:

  • relief
  • satisfaction
  • peace in your heart

Why? Because you will be aligning with your Inner Being which desperately wants (you to get over yourself and) for you to HELP PEOPLE. Ok? 

Read  now… 

LIMITING YOUR ACTIVITY: When we practice zazen we limit our activity to the smallest extent. Just keeping the right posture and being concentrated on sitting is how we express the universal nature. Zen Mind p75.

May I limit my activity in my meditation practice –  but also in my professional practice, to helping people. 


I am here to help people

I am here on this planet to help people

We all are. That is the secret.

Why don’t they teach us that at school?

Because it would affect commerce so radically. If everyone just STO’ed, commerce would be completely reshaped. We are not saying there would be no commerce, far from it. But it wouldn’t be driven by individualism, competitiveness, hierarchy-signalling, keeping back the good stuff, pillaging the planet, creating toxic products, dependence on low-paid workers, over-payment of senior executives. It would be driven by collaboration, fair exchange, fair pay, level-playing fields and respect for planet and people. 

Your social enterprise thinking. Take it seriously. Articulate it. 

Get out. Stretch your legs. Work to help people today. Truly. Bravely. Loudly. HELP PEOPLE. 

What One Thing would You have me do today?

Change your profiles to ‘helping people have healthy dialogues’. 

Now get on and HELP PEOPLE. Anything you do, ask yourself, “Is this helping anyone?” If not, drop it likes it’s hot. ‘Limit your activity’ to this. You’ll feel good, so good. That good feeling you sought yesterday? It’s here: ‘helping people have healthy dialogues’. Got it? 

Yes. Thank you. This is helpful and encouraging. And wise. And tantalising. And focussing. Goodbye.







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