Pivot 40: Master your alignment

STUDY YOURSELF: [T]he purpose of studying Buddhism is to study ourselves and to forget ourselves. When we forget ourselves, we actually are the true activity of the big existence, or reality itself. When we realize this fact, there is no problem whatsoever in this world, and we can enjoy our life without feeling any difficulties. The purpose of our practice is to be aware of this fact. Zen Mind p79


Tell me about this forgetfulness of self, please – and how it emerges from self-study. And how it relates to slef-dealership, and to Helping People. Your thought for the day?

The word you are interested in is ‘alignment’.

When a person is in direct alignment with their inner being and highest self, they ‘pop out’ of the cycle of self-concern. This is to say that they become less laboured, less intense, about their own decisions and cares. They not only have a sense of peace and satisfaction, but they also are wiser, more efficient in their decision-making, thus saving themselves time and energy otherwise spent on wheel-spinning. Furthermore, their comfort around STO [service to others] gently and instantly slides into a higher gear – hence, ‘helping people’ becomes easeful and natural (rather than a performance or a chore). 

And how best to we get into direct alignment with our inner beings and highest selves?

You have a range of practices to experiment with playfully. These practices help to shift you into alignment, and as you become familiar with the feeling of alignment, you become both more skilful at sliding over to it, but equally, you become more enthusiastic about staying with that feeling because it feels so good. Gradually, ‘being out of alignment’ becomes akin to stepping into a cold shower. You’d rather not go there. 

Cold showers are meant to be good for us though…

And in truth, once you have mastered alignment, you do get good at going into people’s ‘out of alignment’ space, in the spirit of a paramedic: you don’t intend to get injured/ill like the patient, but you intend to use your good health to help them get out to safety and support. 

Compassion, vs empathy. The empath might take on the suffering state of the other; the compassionate person maintains enough frequency to be able to take action to prevent and alleviate the suffering of another.

So, if you are in alignment, you are better able to be compassionate?

Exactly so. 

And with this in mind, what one thing would you have me do today, this day of days as Covid-19 invites us to change our ways and better our lives? 

Master your alignment enough to reach out to your elderly neighbour and offer her your help. 

Will do. Ty.

Master your alignment


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