Pivot 55: Treat yourself tenderly

Tenderness. By the end of yesterday, ‘tenderness’ was the ‘good stuff emerging’ that I decided  that I valued more than anything else. We are become tenderised by this pandemic. And that is ‘good stuff’.

Even if we are getting tenderer simply by being forced to stay at home, and be with the feelings arising in us, and not get the daily buzz from ‘action’ or the daily filip from ‘being someone’ in this world… that is good stuff.

There is a sense that the dominant masculine energies are finding balance, or at least, allowing the divine feminine energies to flow fully into the planetary experience. 

What do you mean?

The divine feminine can tolerate stillness. 

And the divine masculine can’t?

Generally, divine masculine is ‘momentum-seeking’. 

Let’s read, to discover more. 


Of course, again it’s perfect. ‘Just to sit without any idea of gain‘ = stillness without momentum-seeking…

EXPERIENCE, NOT PHILOSOPHY: Zazen practice is the practice in which we resume our pure way of life, beyond any gaining idea, and beyond fame and profit. By practice we just keep our original nature as it is. There is no need to intellectualize about what our pure original nature is, because it is beyond our intellectual understanding. And there is no need to appreciate it, because it is beyond our appreciation. So just to sit, without any idea of gain, and with the purest intention, to remain as quiet as our original nature—this is our practice. Zen Mind p124


Look for what you want to see in this world, at this time. Tenderness – yes. The possibility of stillness – yes. Momentum with mission – yes. A balance between divine feminine and divine masculine – yes. Now is the time for all possibilities to be pulled into reality. Choose your reality carefully. Ask yourself: what is my version, or vision, of heaven on Earth. And then, where you can, spot it. If your vision of heaven on Earth is ‘tenderness’, then make it your practice today to spot tenderness, to daydream tenderness, to feel tenderness welling up in you, to act from that sensation of tenderness and – most of all – to bring tenderness to yourself. For that is where is all begins. It begins with how we treat ourselves. We treat ourselves as residents of hell or of heaven, and our reality is borne out of that treating. So treat yourself tenderly today, sweet soul, and all other tenderness will follow. 

Thank you. <3

Treat yourself tenderly

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