Pivot 60: Own your downhill destination

ZEN MIND: The mind which is always on your side is not just your mind, it is universal mind, always the same, not different from another’s mind. It is Zen mind. It is big, big mind. … Big mind is always with us. That is why I repeat the same thing over and over when I think you do not understand. Zen is not just for the man who can fold his legs or who has great spiritual ability. Everyone has Buddha nature. We each must find some way to realize our true nature. The purpose of practice is to have direct experience of the Buddha nature which everyone has. Whatever you do should be the direct experience of Buddha nature. Buddha nature means to be aware of Buddha nature. Your effort should extend to saving all sentient beings. Zen Mind Epilogue p138/7

Big Mind – Zen Mind – Universal Mind … is always with us. And our practice is to access it, to still the noisy ‘I’ mind long enough to be able to bask even briefly in the pure, perfect illumination of this cosmic mind.

This book, Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki, has been a beautiful accompaniment into the storm of the coronavirus pandemic. I am so grateful. It has allowed me, for seconds at a time, to put myself in the perfectly calm eye of this storm, where all is still, aligned and… perfect. This book has brought me back to a better form of mindfulness practice. It has simplified my practice to a seated breathing meditation, with neither bells nor whistles. I feel myself learning to appreciate stillness, rather than fill it with stimulation. And this is bringing me back, softly, gently, to my original nature.

The Zen state is your Aspie Zen Zone? That was your original mission. To discover your Aspie Zen Zone. 

Well, my goodness, I’ve been in quarantine for a full month now. Talk about Aspie Zen Zone! All I can say is that, within this peace, much is arising for clearing. Ho hum…

Go inwards. Dear friend. Accept your zazen gift. 


As you prayerfully access this universal mind, you align yourself more effectively with the infinite intelligence reaching out to inform us all. It is within your reach, at all times. To the degree that you can relax and remove ‘strain’ from your frequency profile, you will be able to access the knowing of all ages. Does that please you? 

Hugely. If doing so can make me more useful.

The invitation is to centre yourself within your own sphere. It can be so tempting to drift into another’s sphere and attain fresh energy there. 

Basically, jumping on someone else’s pendulums… The eternal seduction.

The opportunity available to all is, if you will, to discover you are all suddenly solar-powered electric vehicles now. As long as you expose yourself to the light, you are entirely self-sufficient. There is no longer a need to plunder the dark depths and suck out toxic substances to fuel yourself. The light shall fuel you entirely. 

And this exposing ourselves to the light. What does that look like and mean?

Light is simply light, from the sun. It is also the light of love, of wisdom, of truth, of heightened consciousness. It is the qi field, the energy field, the quantum field. As Lorie said, ‘turn on your quantum radio.’ You are the receiver, but you have to turn the switch on. As Abraham said, get in the receptive mode. 

Imagine you had an electric car, powered with electricity from the grid. You plugged your car in overnight – without actually turning on the switch at the socket. You wouldn’t get so far the next day. 

So what’s the actual ‘plugging in’ and the actual ‘switching on’ – for us?

The ‘plugging in’ is simple: it’s turning in the direction of the destination. Imagine your car at the top of the hill. 

The ‘switching on’ is fractionally more complex: it’s allowing the energy to flow. It’s the car shifting off it’s starting spot at the top of the hill. 

Hey, we don’t want to crash into the destination at the bottom of the hill, do we?

Quite right. And that is what stops you leaving the safety of the hill top. What you don’t know is that car is self-regulating. It won’t run away with itself. 


  1. Plug in: know your destination and turn in the right direction.
  2. Switch on: allow the journey to start…


  1. Plug in: Know your destination and turn to face the right direction.
  2. Switch on: Follow the path (route) of least resistance – the downhill glide.

In other words: your destination is always down the hill. It is never up the hill. If you feel you are straining, you are going the wrong way. Turn round and do down hill. 

Ah, like ‘flow downstream’. ‘Everything you want is downstream.’ I like this car analogy.

We want you to think about your energy levels. You are often complaining – yes, complaining – about your low energy levels, about low battery, about running on empty. We want you to know that it is because you have been driving uphill. That is noble, good and worthy. But, if you want to get to where you want to get to – and you do, otherwise you wouldn’t keep driving on and on and on – then turn round. Turn. Round. 



And go down hill. 

If it feels like a strain, you’re going AWAY from your destination. Pivot. 

If you need first gear to get/keep moving, you’re going AWAY from your destination. Pivot. 

Turn round and go downhill. Whenever you feel you are straining. 

You know your destination. You just don’t dare say it aloud, even to yourself. 

You’ll feel a heck of a lot better – and more energised – when you own your destination. And pivot towards it. 

You read it hear first. 😉

When you say, ‘own’ my destination?

Own it. Admit it. Articulate it. Shake it around and get used to it. ‘Undress’ it in public without cringing at the nakedness of it. Expose it. Accustom yourself to your truth and get on with your life, in truth. 

Man… Ok. Let me work with this.

You literally have all day.

With love. With love. With love. 

Ty. <3

Own your downhill destination




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