Pivot 63: See that ‘healing’ is the natural state


What would you have me know today?

What would you like to discuss? 

Hm. I would like to discuss ‘moving into mission’. What does it take to organise one’s life so that we are in full mission flow? It feels like we are all seeing that a ‘life of purpose’ is a gift. This time of stillness/chaos makes that clear. Some of us are sitting at home wondering about our daily walk routes, while others are pouring their exhausted bodies into uniform again to go out and support our bewildered society.

You want to join the masses who are serving

Well, of course I do. And yet… I don’t even see myself signing up as an NHS volunteer. (For my health reasons.)

Then what would you like to be doing? 

I would like to be doing my work in this world.

Go ahead, dear friend!

Um… Everyone’s a little distracted with other things at the moment.

Keep offering. Keep offering. Keep offering what you’ve got. That is the absolute bedrock of mission service. Can you see that? Can you see that those who serve do so whether they are lauded or not? They keep offering come what may? They can’t stop themselves! And they will give under all conditions, but in their own way… because their own way is their mission. They are not slaves of an external system. They are acting according to their own calling. They may work hard within a system, but the system serves them by providing a channel for their mission. Beautiful isn’t’ it? 

Like a nurse, or a priest, or a teacher – they serve out their calling within a system. But also, if it’s not fitting right with their mission, they can becomes slaves to that system. It is about them keeping an eye on that, maybe?

Or an artist might have no external system instructing her to check in or out for work, but she gets up at the crack of dawn nonetheless, to serve out her mission.

Yes. I love it. Tell me more about this notion of ‘keep offering’. I find myself recoiling if my offers are not warmly received. Recoiling. How can I give that up?

“When you feel yourself lacking something, send your thoughts towards your Intimate and search for the Divinity that lives within you.”

Ha! I meant to ‘command bold’, but commanded ‘paste’ instead. This is a quote from Aristotle which I copied an hour ago! It’s so appropriate. Tell me more…

The Divine in you never recoils. It is the Human in you – which has a (powerful, valuable) ego, and experiences fear and shame – which recoils. So Aristotle is saying, sit still a while, and ask your Divine self. 

I guess that’s what these Dialogues are about.

Indeed. Exactly so. So, in terms of ‘recoiling’ from offering what you have to offer… What message do you hear? Get really quiet for a moment. 

I’m hearing… the recoiling is a sign that it’s … the good stuff.

Aha. So, the recoiling away is the sign to extend towards

But… it feels SO uncomfortable.

To the human in you, it most certainly does! That’s the bifurcation speaking. There’s one way through the bifurcation of the human and the divine self, isn’t there?


And, consider what lives on the other side of bifurcation. 

I bet there’s less depression. All your shames busted into the light… That’d give the mind some distraction!

More than that, there is freedom to be oneself, freedom to create, freedom to express oneself. Offer up, not to negotiate or to haggle, but for the freedom on the other side of Doing Your Thing 100%. Who are you? Ask yourself that. 

Do I have to say?

No! It’s a larger question than one for this morning. First of all. Look at others, for Who They Are. Ask, what is x or y or z in their divine form? Not their human form, which is defined by profession, income, title, CV, house size, personality traits. Consider your father. What is he? 

The Philosopher.

Boom! And your mother? 

The Mirror! [She was a photographer.]

Superb. And your sister? 

The &&&&&&&&& [Unredacted version is in my files]

Beautiful! And your brother? 

I’m hearing: The &&&&&&&&&. I don’t get it. I think it’s because he is sensitive to such delicate subtleties.

Exactly!  And your Eldest Girl? 

The &&&&&&&&&

Spot on! And your Youngest Girl? 

The &&&&&&&&&

And you? 

The … Healer. :-/

There we go!

Why does that sink my heart so? Why is it like hearing I’ve got my skirt stuck in my knickers?

Denial, resistance, fear from past lives. 

That I can understand. I reckon there was some very funky business in the past for me, around healing others.

Hugely difficult experiences, if you don’t mind our saying. Hugely challenging, and difficult. 

Oh. Hence the recoiling… so maybe I (like many others) have a calling towards healing, and simultaneously an inbuilt recoil response, because of what healing meant before. (ie threat, retribution, punishment)

We don’t want to underline things too much, but if we had a red pen, we would underline this three times. 

🙂 In the ‘Starseed’ series of books, it says there are only two roles in this era: healer and teacher. I get what it was saying, and I wanted to identify with one… I automatically discounted healer, but then, neither am I naturally a teacher. This topic still makes my stomach turn.

So, tell us about ‘healing’. 

Well, how about we would start with ‘healer heal thyself’?

Why the heaviness? 

You tell me. The old stuff arising. How can I feel safe? I don’t. I feel perplexed. And very reluctant for anyone to read this. I feel compromised and afraid. So, you tell me.

You are invited to remove the ‘mystery’ from the notion of healing. You are invited to normalise it. Think about how often you receive healing from others: the kind word from a stranger; the out-reached hand from a loved one; the gentle message from a friend; the helpful information read online… This is all healing. Normalise it. Normalise it in this time. Healing is not ‘special’, or ‘magical’! It really is not. Look at the doctors and nurses and care workers. They are not magicians. They are just people, patiently offering up their services and knowledge, to other people who, for that moment, need to be able to lean on the strength of another. Healing, both physical and spiritual, is the most natural thing in creation. It is part of the purpose of creation. For the disparate to become one. For the fallen to rise – in whatever format. Through healing, Source knows itself to be. 

Today, think about healing. Take out the egoic concern of “Am I a healer?!” and consider that all are healers, of self and of other. All. That’s a bit of positive input you can add to your world today – the vision of every person being a self-healer and a healer. That is a valuable use of your mental energy today, if you can keep it soft and natural. (No pendulums!) Think about healing. Mull it over. Ask yourself: who heals and how? And see that healing is the natural state. 

I was wondering yesterday, ‘How many nascent illnesses will have been averted simply by people being forced to stop and rest at this time?’

The body is geared towards what people are now calling ‘radical remission’. This is a very natural process. Hold consciousness of this today. Not to ‘stop’ what you perceive to be happening in hospitals, but to help stimulate the timeline in which healing – in whatever form –  is as natural as a walk in the woods. 

See that ‘healing’ is the natural state



‘In whatever form’… that means that a person may not heal physically/physiologically but they may have healed in some other form… right?

Right. There is so judgement of healed or unhealed. Everything is eternally healing in the form it requires to take. Life cannot not heal. 

But death…

Death is a step taken into a new paradigm. 





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