Pivot 64: Keep offering, with precision

It is Easter Monday. A fourth day of rest and renewal for us as we enter the fourth week of Lockdown in this extraordinary epoch. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, the PM rose from his hospital bed, and went forth to Chequers to recuperate. There truly are so many curious parallel realities playing out at the moment.

Yesterday we bumped into a neighbour, a medic who leads a key department at the local hospital. They are “waiting for the onslaught of Covid-19 patients” to fill the 200 beds they have made ready. “Each weekend we’re told, “This is it!” and then, it isn’t… It’s more about managing the team’s adrenaline than actual patients! I’ve been on-call all day and I haven’t received a single call.” The neighbour added, “I feel more worried for my husband and daughters who are living the situation via what they see on the media. I can tell you, the media version is far worse than the reality in our hospitals.”

Temper this with the news yesterday that the UK death toll from Covid-19 reached 10,000.

Unspeakably valiant NHS workers are losing their lives to coronavirus. Beautiful souls carried away yesterday included dear Tim Brooke-Taylor. The UK’s behaviour has changed hugely in these 3 weeks of Lockdown, for the better and for the worse (ref).

Meanwhile, here in this blessed haven,  the cherry tree is in full bloom. I was grateful for yesterday’s emphasis on healing. I am healing. I had become so run down in the last year of work. The training work had nearly finished me off. The stress levels I’d assimilated as ‘normal’ were off the scale. Please help me think about protecting myself from falling back into that pattern of stressful working again after lockdown finishes.

You have been invited to shift from head to heart. 

Have I?

The trainer works from the head. 

The mediator from the heart. 

The teacher works from the head. 

The healer works from the heart.

Oh. Well. That’s settled then!

…Is this the ‘pivot’??

Essentially, yes. 

Essentially? Tell me more.

The pivot is about reorganising the guiding force in your life, from the pragmatic to the principled. 

Oof! Really? Hit me hard, why dontcha?!

You are full of mirth this morning. 

I am! Am I?

Clearly so! It is most delightful. 

Ha! Good. Tell me about this pragmatic and principled pivot.

The pragmatic has been your ‘go-to’ sphere. Very wise. And very sensible. You have recouped some lost time and stabilised your life. But now it is time to put principle before profit. 

… Ok. Sure. Tell me more. But please keep this clear and simple for me. Thank you.

You have held back on living by your principles, out of pragmatic caution. There is only so far one can go with one’s heart-centred mission when guided by pragmatic caution. 

Carry on..,

The principled one can tap into different energetic flows, that lift and carry a person when they put themselves in the stream of universal good. 

What is the stream of universal good?

It is that flow of constant, natural healing – replenishment, growth, harmony. It is the wellspring of all wellbeing. 

And how do I get in it?

By standing next to your principles, with the courage of your convictions. Who would the doctor (healer) treat first: the wealthiest, or the one most in need of treatment? 

The one most in need of treatment.

And so it is with your skills. They must be deployed where the need is greatest. Where the impact can be felt for the benefit of those in need. 

My skills.

Your skills. 

I’m no neurosurgeon.

The neurosurgeons go where neurosurgery is needed. You are not asked to go to the neurosurgery ward. You are asked to go to the theatre of your own operations. Go to where there is need, and keep offering. Explain what you do, and keep offering. Forget about cost or profit, and keep offering. When you are doing what you are needed for, what will happen? 

The money will come from elsewhere.

Exactly. And how do you know? 

From experience.

Mediators Sans Frontiers.

Explain what you offer, and keep offering. Passim. 

And upon what principles precisely?

What principles are you moved by?

Peace, unity, light and love.


It needs some ferocity, doesn’t it?

Fierce peace… <3

Keep offering. Only in that way, will you find out where you are needed. Ok? 

And money?

Those that have, can pay; those that don’t, offer you the bounty of serving them.

It all balances out.

Keep offering. 

Start offering..!

Start offering and keep offering. To participate in the world at this time is a momentous blessing. Do not let pragmatism put you off from pouring your whole self into the stream of universal good. Really. Throw your clothes off and jump in naked! The waters are good! Enter, participate, swim, bask, bathe… 

I like that ‘offering’ feels so much open than… selling? I don’t know, I’ve been worried about knock-backs, or misjudged marketing, or somehow constantly looking like a douche-bag when I put my work out there.

Offer with precision. Where is your one single product, with it’s price point, and inclusion-friendly discounts? Make it EASY for people to access your skills. That is all. Simplify your prospect’s journey – whether they are a CEO or a parent. And then, keep offering to help. From your heart. With prayer upon your lips. For to swim in the stream of universal good is a gift from Source. So acknowledge that, and jump in. 

Keep offering, with precision (From pragmatism to principle)





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