Pivot 66: Hold no fear

Dreams last night:

  • I’m talking with this older man – a professional, a journalist. Suddenly he starts shaking and sobbing. He has PTSD from spending time reporting in war zones.
  • I go to an auditorium to watch something, and sit up on a partition wall to get a good view. Teetering on the wall, I’m overcome by vertigo, but no one will help me down. Dizzy with terror, I throw myself off the wall and leave the building, without my shoes.
  • I’m swimming deep in a crystal clear diving pool. The teeniest baby comes swimming up past me. We both burst up to the surface breathless. The baby is so beautiful and incredible that I laugh and cry uncontrollably.

Trauma and lonely fear, gives way to rebirth.

The days we are in. Oh, my. The days we are in. Tell me. What’s going on from your perspective?

From our perspective, the air is clear. The light is bright. The restoration of goodness is coming to pass. 

It’s really important I hear you right today. I can’t be dealing with making stuff up… Speak as clearly as you can, please.

The message you want to hear from us is not the message we are prepared to give. However, there is news you might be pleased for us to divulge. 

Absolutely. Thank you. Go ahead.

If you turn over the page of fear at this time, the new chapter begins. In this new chapter, sovereignty is key. There is no more time for dalliance around ‘who’ is in charge. The who must be you. For all beings: the who must be you.

So, I must be in charge of my self, my reality.

Exactly so. Ask yourself, ‘Do I seek a leader? Do I seek someone to whom to defer?’ And if you do, simply redress the balance. 

I have been developing my ‘hard No’ somewhat. That’s good. The idea of last session about The New Way, has been so helpful. It’s helped me say ‘no’ to things – if they are of the Old Way. Instead of being bound by them, I’ve dropped them.


  • I was on a webinar about negotiation skills yesterday, led by the senior organisation in my field. It transpired the speaker was essentially teaching manipulation techniques, in a talk dripping with really skewed humour. Thinking, “This is the Old Way. Nope.” gave me the strength of overcome my ‘lets-not-offend’ trait, and hang up – even though a colleague of mine was a co-host on the webinar.
  • I’d been introduced to a financial adviser. On the second call, I got the sense they were hard-selling to me – and scare-mongering me about my future. I did some research, and sure enough, this national organisation has a reputation for over-charging with fees. Old Way. In advance of call number three yesterday, I stepped away from the process, honestly stating that the fees were too high.

In both examples, I decided not to be bound by these ‘high-profile’ or ‘prestigious’ institutions if they were acting Old Way.

How can I attune myself better to New Way? It’s like, I need to wake up more. An example would be: what will make me switch from using ‘easy’ (and unethical) Amazon, to supporting local organisations and their delivery services?

You ask about the New Way. Are you ready to hear what it is all about?

Of course.

Well buckle up because it’s going to be a ride. 

Yes? Tell me.

We will start here: sovereignty is not a fictional, fantastical notion. It is a not a throw-away ideal. It is a frequency field. 

Say what?

A frequency field. You step in to it. We mentioned earlier the image of turning over the page of fear to start a new chapter. Well right here, right now, is a good time to turn over that page. 

Consider it turned!

The new chapter, and the New Way, are marked by illumination. That is the opposite of darkness. It is the definition of light. It is the expression of all creative good in existence. 

And how best does one discern illumination?

Psychically. Which means: you know it. Everyone has access to knowing. They just need to tap into it. You can’t tap into it when you are afraid. That is why stepping away from fear is so important. Do you understand? Stepping away from fear is part one. Tuning in to ‘what you know’ is part two. 

This is really beautiful stuff. Can you give me the message to carry with me today?

Hold no fear. 

Shucks, man. Really? Just like that?

Just. Like. That. Have no truck with it. Banish it. Kick it out. See it, spot it, remove it. Bless the illumination that fills the room from which fear has been rightfully banished. 

Ok. Wow. Will do.

Hold no fear


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