Pivot 67: To Give is To Gain

Good morning. It is a bright and beautiful day. The sun is shining and the new leaves are relishing the light. How are we today?

All is well. As ever, all is well.

I’m aware of the importance at looking towards the light, the bright, the new, the growing…

The spring has sprung, and a new day has begun. 

Too right! A new day indeed. Something’s afoot on this planet. Half the world is in lockdown! HALF the WORLD is in LOCKDOWN.

Or, ‘Shutdown’ – rebooting the system, upgrading the operating software. 

Isn’t that just extraordinary?! I have this inkling, this sense, that some negative forces tried to create this whole global crisis situation with malevolent intent, but… ‘so powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole Earth.’

The light of unity is indeed the harbinger of the new dawn. 

We’re seeing something powerful occurring out of this enforced pause, aren’t we? Those of us away from the frontlines and in good health, are being granted time and space – to heal, to hear themselves think, to reconnect with loved ones, to sense our own intuition. The collective thoughts are resonating – some with fear or frustration – but others with a profound realisation of relief, borne out of resting and rebooting. It’s so important we choose which thought channel we want to add our thought to, because, I sense something is growing.

What do you sense is growing, dear soul? 

An intention. A determination. A clarity about loving each other, caring for each other, looking out for each other.

Ever since the school exams which pitch young soul against young soul, we are taught to compete against each other, to clamber over one another, to win the economic race… What is this set up?! The Hunger Games?! Who’s running it?

We see clearly at this time who really matters in this country – who the key workers really are. And how diverse they are! (And yes, we are bringing in generous workers from Europe to pick our fruit crops.) This society is empowered by its precious diversity, and we’re finding ways of articulating this fact now:


How will we keep hold of this nascent consciousness? How will we stop the amnesia returning after we’re let out of our cages again, and set back on the greyhound race track to chase that chimeric stuffed rabbit?

Over to you now. I’m getting heated.

There is no policy which can either stop or discourage the racism in your environs. But there is one truth which can keep everyone awake, and that is  this: ‘the survival of the weakest’ is the touchstone upon which a compassionate society thrives. Weakness is seen as a magnet for predators in the Old Way. In the New Way, empowered by fresh waves of empathy and love, weakness is an attractor for immense care and powerful compassion. In the New Way societies (and yours is late to this party), caring well for the weakest members is the way of nobility, of truth and of service. 

We are unspeakably cruel to the weakest in our society here.

Not always so. But there are competing forces at play. The magnetism of ‘financial gain’ pulls attention in the opposite direction to ‘principled care for the weakest ones’. It is hard to keep both factors in your vision at once, and when you do then you have to work hard not to let the former corrupt the latter. 

To prioritise the principle of GIVING over the pragmatic pull of GAINING, you need to do something very important. And that is BREATHE. 

GAINING is marked by breathlessness.

Yes, this is how I have felt over the last year of full time work. Panting, breathless, rushing at breakneck speed…

This these is sensitive given that breathlessness is the key symptom of this pandemic virus, but we want you to take this concept seriously.

Oxygen is life. Life is marked by the impulse to thrive. A collective which is losing its ability to breathe is one which has lost, or is at risk of losing, this intangible impulse to thrive. 

At a thought level?

It is more complex than wrong-thinking. Ask yourself: what would make someone lose their impulse to thrive? 

Oh, heavens. I can speak to this. Hopelessness, shame, fear, regret, disgust, loss… They all actively drive against our being, our sense of self, and because mind and body are linked, they compromise our immune system.

And what mechanisms do you have in your society to minister healing to those experiencing hopelessness, shame, fear, regret, disgust or loss? 

Um. None?! We used to have the church, or religious systems…

Follow us. This is delicate. The human spirit longs to heal and process deep emotions and to burn through karmic pains. To do so is like breathing fresh oxygen.

Ah. Oh, goodness. Yes. Carry on.

GIVING is like taking a deep breath, because it nourishes the sense of self, and because the impulse to give arises from the soul within the person. Giving connects the body to it’s unseen essence – and therefore to its impulse to thrive.

Ask yourself. How much are people granted the opportunity to GIVE, which is the birth right and the purpose of each soul? 

With the ‘shit jobs’, not so much. With the financial need for a mother to return to work when the child is but weeks months old, not so much. With the impoverishment suffered by those in most giving jobs (see key workers), not so much….

And so if people can’t GIVE as is their birthright, but must fixate on GAINING enough to live, what will they feel? 

Suffocated. Our economic model is suffocating to the people in it.

If a society is to breathe deeply, and stimulate that impulse to thrive, it must prioritise GIVING over GAINING.

Like nature. Nature gives first and foremost. It is abundant towards us. It is a garden of Eden. But we use Nature for our gain. We do not give back to it. We are in debt. We have created scarcity by our imbalanced taking.

To Give is a marvellous adventure. You think that giving leaves you impoverished, on your planet. But actually, the laws of the universe say this: to give is to gain. When this is understood, the planet breathes deeply. 

This is so profound. Again, I am reminded of my beautiful friend Janet C. who used to say “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve!” as she arrived unannounced on my doorstep with the ingredients to make soup for 30 people.

To prioritise Giving over Gaining is a marvellous adventure because it must be borne out of trust. Or even, faith. But trust is enough for now. We are talking about trust in the law of ‘To Give is To Gain’. It feels like an oxymoron at first, because you have been taught the very opposite by those who have created the framework for your societies. This is why you are all so exhausted. Stressed. And awash with poor mental health. You have been actively misled. You have been educated that ‘To Give is to Lose. To Gain is to Win.’ And as you ran that hopeless losers’ race, ever hoping the winners’ finishing line would appear, you have allowed your energy to be siphoned off to feed some other entity of which you know not. No wonder you are tired. No wonder, in your homes, with enough silence and stillness to hear your innate knowing for once in your goshdarn lives, you are rethinking your understanding of what makes your life tick. 

To Give is To Gain. Ponder on that, and see what you make of it. 

Honestly. I am so blown away by these dialogues.  I am so grateful. You give me hope. You give me healing. You give me stimulation to do, to act and to reconsider my life’s goals. Thank you.

You are welcome. This is all ‘you’ speaking to ‘you’ across the dimensions of time and space. There is nothing ‘special’ about this. It is the natural upshot of taking time to listen to what you already knew. 


To Give is To Gain


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