Pivot 83: I am noting Heart Coherence

Things that made me say, “Yes, this!”:

  • Noom app – I’ve lost 10lbs in under 6 weeks
  • FitBit – I love you
  • Lee Holden Qigong – a highlight of my day
  • G’s lockdown cooking – holy moly, the man is on fire <3
  • How lockdown is generously reducing my stress levels and upping my routine
  • My lockdown routine – I’m autistic; routines brings out my best. And help me not to over work or underwork. A timetable makes me feel safe and well!
  • Telling the Simulator, “Yes, this!”
  • Thinking about my network, or Circle of 8, as Amy Cole calls it
  • Sharing sights of the SuperMoon with my girls and G (L at her house)
  • The old school friend Facebook group giving a virtual  hug to our friend who had just been discharged home from hospital after recovering from Covid-19 in time for her birthday. <3
  • Watching Brooklyn 99 with A and G. <3
  • Nature! The woods, our garden, the sunshine
  • Submitting complex work – yes, done!
  • These DoDs. I’m so blessed to have this learning space. Ty.

HeartMath Experience: Chapter 3 – The Science of the Heart (my notes)

Look! It’s what we were talking about. The torus, running through the heart…

Guide to Chapter 3

  • “We can measure that we are radiating this heart magnetic field and that our nervous system is tuned to this field and receiving information from others. What this means is that there’s a real energetic communication that is happening between people all the time.” -Rollin McCraty, HeartMath Institute Director of Research
  • “Learning to activate uplifting heart qualities sends a different signal from the heart to the brain. It can change how we perceive and respond to situations.” -Deborah Rozman, HeartMath CEO and Author

HeartMath Experience: Chapter 4 – Quick Coherence (my notes)

Here’s a youtube video of the Quick Heart Coherence technique:

Guide to Chapter 4

Quick Coherence Quick Steps:

1. Heart-Focused breathing
2. Activate a positive or renewing feeling


I’m so enjoying the HeartMath work. It takes the Zen work, and it anchors it within the body, working with the heart’s ability to soothe and relax the physical autonomic nervous system.

Yesterday, you mentioned I’d know a “Yes! This!” because it would make my Heart sing. Is this ‘heart coherence’?

Absolutely! And the more you tap into heart coherence – the Singing Heart – the more available it becomes to you. And the more the Simulator knows to bring you more of the object of your appreciation, care and … whatever ‘Heart Quality’ is arising. 

So, Love is like the over-arching quality of the heart, and then there are all the variable qualities we discussed yesterday.

Yes, indeed. You know when you are ‘seated’ with in a heart quality in that moment, because the heart sings. And if you are in another state, your heart feels closed, ‘off’, incoherent. You will enjoy the biofeedback machines that teach you about heart coherence. 

I’m inclined to get one now…

Wait. Understand the purpose first, and get a little further on your own – then you’ll appreciate the technology better. 

Like I only discovered yesterday that my FitBit would happily track all the data for my walks as a ‘run’ even if I wasn’t connected to my phone, and if I was walking not running.

Yes! You were ready for the next level. You see, there is no rush in this. No need to push. The heart is a non-pushing tool. That’s not to say it doesn’t LOVE exercise! It loves a good cardio-vascular workout! That makes it feel alive, it reboots the electrical circuits, it gains strength from a good boost.

What the heart doesn’t respond well to is ‘pushing arising out of fear.’ That creates affects heart rate variability leading to incoherence. Incoherence sends mixed messages to the brain, fuzzing up the ANS and making your executive functioning confused – meaning the pushing actually reduces your ability to manage the fear trigger. 

Getting into heart coherence is good physics. You can play with this today.

Ty. I’d like to build on the “Yes, this!” of yesterday. I feel there’s more to learn there.

Excellent. Every time you spot a “Yes, this!”, sense your heart too. Pick up the sensations of the heart in appreciation, uplift, joy, optimism. And ‘lock them in’ with an anchoring mechanism. 

Hand on the heart?


Sense the coherent feelings of the heart when it says “Yes, this!”, and breathe into them. Hand on heart. 

Tbh, I find there’s no much electrical activity in my heart when I put my hand there… Sensations of anxiety… Hm.

Can you bring compassion to your heart space in such moments?

Like Kristen Neff does. Yes. Then I can have the warmth of compassion that I am feeling fraught in my heart, and incoherent.

Today is about learning to note, ‘coherent’ state and ‘incoherent’ state. That is all. With self-compassion there is no need to be troubled by incoherence. We’re just bringing curiosity and the beginner’s mind. 

You can lightly say “Yes, this!” in Heart Coherence moments. And “Ah, Heart Coherence” in “Yes, this!” moments. 

In other words, spot Heart Coherence moments wherever they arise. Just note them. No highlighting needed. No frightening off the birds with your hand claps of delight at spotting them. Just note Heart Coherence and settle into it. 

Ty. I like this. I will work with this today. xx

I am noting Heart Coherence

PS. When you settle into Heart Coherence, that automatically, telepathically sends the “Yes, this!” message to the Simulator, without you having to get into the Head space to say it with words. It’s resonance that tells the Simulator what you’re vibing with. Equally, if you are tasering your heart with thoughts and images of chaotic things that distress your heart, the Simulator will assume that’s what you want, and bring you more. So we recommend sending messages of Heart Coherence to the simulator. Every message is a request for more. Your Heart – an electro-magnetic broadcaster – is the constant messenger between you and the Simulator. Keep an eye on the messages you’re broadcasting. You can learn to be aware of what messages you’re sending by learning the different bodily sensations are associated with which state. That is why we suggest you explore the bodily sensations associated with heart coherence today. 

Aha. Ty. That helps. So, it’s as if my heart is sending constant text message orders to the Simulator Deliveroo. If I’m conscious and awake and directing my attention to that which gives me coherence, then I send message orders for more good, uplifting stuff. If I’m unconscious or fraught with fearful or angry emotions, and riffing on stuff I don’t like, then I send message orders for more to fear or complain about.

Exactly. Be assured that you are aware of what ‘part’ of you has their fingers on the text message send button. <3 Don’t let your Heart accidentally put in an order for courier-delivered onions. 🙂

🙂 x


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