Pivot 82: I am playing “Yes, this!” today

There’s power in saying “Heck! Yes! This!”. It shines a light and a magnetising force, bringing the object of our attention in to activation in our Simulation.

What people don’t understand is the following: 

‘There’s power in saying “Heck, No! Not this!”. It shines a light and a magnetising force, bringing the object of our attention in to activation in our Simulation.’

In other words, the Simulator doesn’t distinguish between ‘wanted’ and ‘unwanted’. It simply activates whatever your attention is shining its spotlight on. 

As Abraham says, “Say no to drugs!” and the “War on terror!” – these impulses merely activate the ‘unwanted’.

Can I just say, I’ve probably listened to Abraham recordings every other day during this lockdown… and I couldn’t be more grateful for the transforming illumination I receive from every sentence and utterance I hear. My life has been shaped by Abraham-Hicks. What spiritual education. Thank you, dear Abraham. Thank you, dear Esther. From the core of my being, the centre point of my heart. Thank you. For 10 years, I have learnt from you. You are LOVE personified! My thankfulness overflows. x

Good to see you shining your spotlight on our dear friends. 

“And are you knowing what you are wanting?”

Yes! And I get know why this question is so important. It’s not simply, “Do you have your wishlist to hand?”, it’s a case of “Keep your ‘wanted’ in mind as default, because every time you ruminate on the unwanted you’re simply activating it.”

As my beloved mother used to say, “Shrug your shoulders” at whatever you don’t want. (Namely, playground bullies at that time…)

Indeed. Wise words. 

I’m going to watch some HeartMath videos. Here are my notes:

The HeartMath Experience (Now Free) https://experience.heartmath.com/

‘Dignity’… =  “qualities of the heart” says Howard Martin:

Activate the qualities of the heart – dignity, honour, courage, kindness, patience, compassion, appreciation, care, valour, and the overarching rainbow which contains the whole spectrum, Love.

You can not feel stress and fear (Head) while the qualities of the Heart are activated.


1. Focus your attention in the area of the heart. Try to imagine that the energy up in the head is now flowing into the heart. Keep your focus there and breathe deeply and slowly in a casual steady rhythm.

2. Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual. Find an easy rhythm that’s comfortable.

HeartMath Resources:

  • HeartMath Science video: https://youtu.be/VsFBvvi3xOQ
  • Heart Intelligence book: https://www.heartmath.com/heartintelligence-book/
  • Science of the Heart e-book: https://www.heartmath.org/research/science-of-the-heart/ Yes, this!
  • Heart Intelligence book—Chapter 2 • https://store.heartmath.com/heart-intelligence
  • The HeartMath Solution book–Chapter 1 and 2. • https://store.heartmath.com/item/1064/heartmath-theheartmath-solution


I am enjoying the HeartMath work. I LOVED the HeartMath Solution book when I read it in about 2013…

I am glad to be here again with this inspired work.

So that’s a “Yes, this!”?

It is!

Play with that notion today. “Yes, this!” and “Yes, that!” Note, photograph, screenshot, highlight, capture on paper, anchor physically. Practise scanning your horizon for sights, ideas, objects, opportunities that make you say “Yes, this!” and “Yes, that!” Make that the focus of your magnificent, magnifying attention today. 

Awesome. I love this as a game.  Ty xxx

I am playing “Yes, this!” today

PS. You’ll know it’s a “Yes, this!” because it will make your Heart sing. 

Ooh! Cool. Ok. Duly noted!


PPS. I just rediscovered this poem I wrote in another era. How my Simulation has changed, as it were…. Ty for the mentoring over these years.


Eurydice’s Civilisation Sickness 

We the depressed, the addicted, 

the anxious, the traumatised, 

the isolated autists, 

the chronically alone. 

We are not ill;

We are but sickened. 

We have seen that which cannot be unseen 

And felt too deeply in a world 

Unknowingly insane. 

We have been persuaded, 

good souls that we are, 

to believe a lie: 

that it is we who are broken, 

not this civilisation 

painstakingly built 

on the vainglory of reason. 

We the mentally ill

Are not the insane

But the awakeners 

From the trance of

Of soulless cities 

Where you and I are made two 

Not one. 

We are not broken. 

All that ruptured was our trance,

Our sweet fantasy 

That hell was heaven.

Oh blessèd awakening

With what pangs you birth our new mind. 

My wild, free-associating grief

Is the only possession

I own


I own 

It may possess me. 

Does it keen through me

Or I through it? 

We hobble from one rational cure

To the next, 

Each time leaving 

By one of two doors:

If we are ‘lucky’, we shall have been 

Converted to the dogma of reason,

Seduced by the sirens of sanity,

Called to the land of the lotus eaters. 

But if we are true, 

We shall instead slope away, 


Baffled, bruised,

Confused and blue.

There is nothing civilised about civilisation. 

Civilisation is a myth we were sold. 

So I say this: fling open the gates of your outpost of hell, and run, 

For the hills

For the wilds

For the rivers and streams

Where the grand expanse teems 

With screeches and caws



With an order of Life

Which will not be ordered

Or tidied

Or neatened 

Or cured

Or urged to make sense.

Too sensual to be sanitised,

Your maddened brain. 

Could you but find 

That door out of your mind!

Should you find it,

Run through!

Don’t look back 


For you are leading me to safety:

Where the heron hides.


There lies the consolation of my soul.


AT 29feb2016


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