Pivot 98: I am focussing on the Bright Lighters

Well I can tell you, ‘tending to my attention’, and managing to bring neutrality to my awareness of ‘the news’ had an unexpected result: it gave me a sense of dignity.

I realised across the day, how very much I’d become accustomed to hurling myself at hoovering up the news about the rights and wrongs of politicians. It all started with Brexit – when for years I couldn’t take my eyes off it on Twitter, because I so wanted to spot signs that Brexit was going to be annulled somehow. Then with this Pandemic – what with this country having the highest mortality rate in Europe, I’ve been scanning the Twittersphere to find signs that we were responding effectively at last. Not to mention all the other stuff I’ve read about behind the scenes shenanigans.

Well, enough.

I take my energy back. I take my attention back. I will place it where I see the signs of PULL emerging in this world. And magnify that.

That truly is the best response you can give to these times. In fact, it might be helpful to know that the higher the opportunity for PULL’s emergence in the world, the more explicitly and rampant will run its ‘opposite’… for a while. Here is the test.

Can you, individually and collectively, place your powerfully magnifying attention on what is wanted rather than what is not wanted? 

Sounds simple? It’s advanced level consciousness, right here, right now. It feels ‘right’ to resonate with and rail against the Unwanted – because you think that pointing to the Unwanted will make it go away. Equally, you believe that if you (jointly and severally) don’t point to it, no one else will see it. It feels like a civic duty to highlight the Unwanted. It feels like an act of love. And we know, it comes from a place of love to point out the injustices, the brutalities, the hatreds, the cheats, the under-cutters, the overpowerers. We know, and that is understood. 

But know that as you shine your magnifying glass on the Unwanted, you give it energy, you give it power to grow. 

Can you trust – and we get it, it’s an act of huge faith in these bifurcated, polarised times – but can you trust that if you magnify the love, the selflessness, the new role models, the united collaborators, the wise ones, the enlightened communities, the compassionate innovations… you will help the Wanted to grow?

“Oh, but when I point to the Unwanted, I feel alive! It’s so visceral – I know I’m making a difference!” you say. 

And to this we say: Get used to the peacefulness of the paradigm you are headed towards. Do not mistake it for the land of Nothing Doing. Your greatest service to your self and to others at this time, is to learn to resonate in peace. Sure, we get it, fire crackers and electric shocks are tantalising in a physical world. But know that the frequency of peace is subtle. And its fruits are boundless. When you truly can ease in to that peace paradigm, you will start to see the plants growing and the birds communicating – and the wonder of that (and so much more) will bring you to your knees. And in time, people will pause from tasering each other emotionally, and ask you – the Peace Freqs – what you are doing. And you will start to show them. 

Time for practice. 

***15minInnerBalanceMeditation – 87% high co – 3.6 av coherence***


That’s more like it. 🙂 I Imagined my heart inflating and deflating like a bright heart-shaped balloon as I breathed. Lovely.

Open the letter. 

Ok. [Yesterday, I pulled out my beloved copy of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and spotted inside it a letter I had apparently written and posted to myself in 2016!]


Oh wow! It was a letter we wrote to ourselves at the end of the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Course – and the teacher posted it to us 6 months later. It starts,

“Dear Arabella,

I am writing this to you, dear soul, on the last session of JW’s MBCT Course. I hope this find you well, thriving, at peace {sic}, in flow and sensing the blessings of Life… ”

It’s really beautiful. I’ve put it back in the ACIM book.

And if you open ACIM book, just randomly, what does it say to you? 

Lesson 88

1. (75The light has come.

In choosing salvation rather than attack, I merely choose to rec­ognize what is already there. Salvation is a decision made already. Attack and grievances are not there to choose. That is why I always choose between truth and illusion; between what is there and what is not. The light has come. I can but choose the light, for it has no alternative. It has replaced the darkness, and the darkness has gone.

2. These would prove useful forms for specific applications of this idea:

This cannot show me darkness, for the light has come.
The light in you is all that I would see, [name].
I would see in this only what is there.

Yes! This. This is the antidote to pointing out the Unwanted! In choosing salvation rather than attack, I merely choose to rec­ognize what is already there. It’s time for me to give up ‘attack and grievance’ against these people whose judgement and motives I’m so ready to lunge in to. I know what happens when I point to the ‘shocking’ and the ‘disgusting’ behaviour in others – especially  public figures. I feel clever. That’s the truth. I feel smart when I apply my brain to identifying, and evidencing the wrongs of others. I may not say out loud my attacks very much, but when I do share my apparent insights with others, I feel like the shiz. I get a kick out of it. 

What if I applied my brain with as much vigour to the Wanted as I’ve done to the Unwanted? What wonders I could achieve, in terms of highlighting the New, and the Peace Paradigm, and the Evolution of Consciousness…

Why have I allowed my brain’s attention to be ‘hijacked’ by a seeming circus show of my own illusioning? Enough. No more attack, no more grievance. This cannot show me darkness, for the light has come. The light in you is all that I would see, [name]. And now, to focus on the bright lighters. 

There we are. What a great phrase: ‘to focus on the bright lighters’!

Yes, why not? Look towards the light, right? Stop focusing on the dimly lit souls, and great special-interesty on the ones beaming brightly. Even if I feel less ‘clever’ in doing so! 😉

Yes! You know where the Bright Lighters are in your world. Focus on them. 

Today I’m on a refresher course on Advance Planning for End of Life. Run by a bunch of Bright Lighters.

Man, I’ve been focussing on those I’d see as Dark. a) ACIM reminds me they are not. b) What a waste of focus!

Have a brightly lit day! 


I am focussing on the Bright Lighters




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