Presence 3: I am practising sinking in to my Knowing 

Several days have passed since our last Dialogue, as the holiday ‘staycation’ took over. I practised the ‘breathing through concerns’. All good… but for one episode where I thought genuinely I was surrounded by malign beings and the world was drawing to a close etc etc, and it turned out to be yet another PMDD day… Anyway, I’m working on hormones with Noom and following some of Michael Moseley’s approaches to stabilising my blood sugar levels.

A couple of days ago, Untamed by Glennon Doyle arrived.

I  love what she has to say on mindfulness practice – not that she even names it as such. She sits in stillness, on the floor of her closet, for 10 minutes a day – and practises sinking… in to the Knowing she discovers deep in her (see pp56-61 – so beautiful). It’s written up with commentary here in an article in Medium:

She’s describing what happens in our Dialogues..! It’s the dipping into the internal Knowing that occurs here. I’m so grateful.

And developing your Presence practice will give you so much more. 


Shall we practise ‘sinking’ into your knowing?

I feel like I’d like to write up my reading from the Presence project over the last couple of days.

Tomorrow. Today’s priority is to reconnect with your sinking in to Knowing. Ten minutes… With breathing… <3


At about 9m45sec I ‘saw’ this beautiful new flyer for my work… It was a real insight. Ty.

You know we are here, always. Practise this sinking into Knowing. Glennon says: 

  • ‘There in the deep I could sense something circulating inside me. It was a Knowing. 
  • Every day, I returned to the closet, sat down on the floor littered with T-shirts and jeans, and I practiced sinking. The Knowing would meet me in the deep and nudge me toward the next right thing, one thing at a time. That was how I began to know what to do next. That was how I began to walk through my life more clearly, solid and steady.
  • I now only take orders from my Knowing.
  • When uncertainty rises, I sink.
  • When I talk like this my wide raises her eyebrow and asks, “Aren’t you just talking to yourself down there?” Maybe. If what I’ve found in the deep is just my self – if what I’ve learned is not how to commune with God but how to commune with myself – if who I have learned to trust is not God but myself – and if, for the the rest of my life, no matter how lost I get, I know exactly where and how to find myself again – well, then. That is certainly enough of a miracle for me. Why do we worry about what to call the Knowing, instead of sharing with each other how to call the Knowing… p59. 

You’ve found something special in these Dialogues. Maybe it’s time to share your way of calling the Knowing. 

And if so…?

And if so, you’ll receive all the guidance you need by sinking in to your endless, unfathomable, infinite Knowing.

“I now only take orders from my Knowing” as Glennon says. And your order for today?

Be still and… practise sinking in to your Knowing. 

I am practising sinking in to my Knowing 


PS. Background on the book Untamed…:


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