Presence 62: I am inspired to create #SomethingNew

I have been practising accumulating Present Moment Awareness. This is the work of the Presence Process – like the work of a gardener in the garden. And, as MB so beautifully articulates in Part IV of TPP, this work brings the possibility of ‘Fruits and Flowers’. Yesterday I read with much emotion, MB’s description of 45 ‘Fruits and Flowers’ that ‘we become open to as a consequence of embracing present moment awareness.’ (pp244-272). Here are the titles of just the first few:


Let’s take a quote from #8 as I’ve been thinking about creativity:

From 8: WE EXPERIENCE SPONTANEOUS CREATIVITY: ‘Our shared source isn’t a healer – it’s a creator. The moment we accomplish the task of integrating our experience, we enter wholeness – holiness. Subsequently, our experience aligns with the will of our shared source. The consequence is that we are creatively inspired. To be source-like, to be causal, is to be creative.’ (TPP p248)

The list of Fruits and Flowers ends with this one:

45: WE MAKE AN AUTHENTIC CONTRIBUTION TO THIS WORLD. As we enter present moment awareness, it becomes obvious that the highest frequency of activity is to serve – to serve the whole by taking care of the part within our experience. As we accumulate present moment awareness, this enthusiasm to serve erupts from within; and when we follow its beckoning, it leads into a joyous and deeply satisfying experience.

There is no more blessed place to stand than in the center of a life experience dedicated to unconditional service. This is the source of the eternal fountain of unconditional love. This is the top of the highest mountain we can climb. To have an opportunity to wear the wings of joyful service is the greatest gift we bring to our heart.

The footprints of loving service emerge from and lead into the center of source’s heart. First we serve ourselves by restoring present moment awareness. Then we serve our family by seeing them as perfect, whole, required to be just as they are, and a blessing to our every step. Then we serve our community by walking wide awake through it without judgment and concern. Then we serve our city by holding a vision of liberation for all from the fog of time. Then we serve our planet by standing at the center of our experience and allowing source to be as present as possible within each breath.

Then, as authentically as we are able to, we look out across the unified field and smile at the stars, moon, and sun. For the greatest service of all we may render on earth is to stand awake and state in silent certainty:

I am here, now, in this, awake and alive. I am a human being, and yet so much more. I am vibration fully present and conscious within matter. Through our shared Presence, I look upon you with love, and therefore with recognition. I am here to remember you as me, and me as you. Let us awaken together from the spell of time and sing the song called Life Eternal, now and forever.” (TPP 271-2)

Amen. <3

So then I thought hard about…

My Ways to Accumulate PMA: 

  1. PREP: Remove distraction / sedation materials (screens / soc med / alc)
  2. PREP: Remind self that while accumulating PMA we may get the opportunity to integrate some charged emotion – and that this arises as ‘discomfort’ and resolves with a ‘ping’. Welcome that! This is the work. Divert not. Zone out not!
  3. 15 min Conscious connected breathing practice / Meditation
  4. Hot bath
  5. Listening intently to birdsong
  6. Stim-watching the leaves on the trees
  7. Painting or drawing
  8. Qigong flows
  9. Reading inspiring books (sometimes… certainly better than scrolling)
  10. Writing creatively, like now.

In other words, to accumulate PMA, I need to be able to HARNESS MY ATTENTION.

One way to harness my attention is to practise mindfulness activities (breathing practice, qigong). 

Another way is… to BE CREATIVE

You can’t (I reckon) be creative and not be in the present moment. IS THAT TRUE? 

Excellent question! Good morning! 

Good morning!

Would you like to leave that question in the air and undertake your 15 min breathing practice? 

Argh… Ehem. Yes! Of course. Ty for the prompt. 🙂

***15minMed using Insight Timer with bongs – counting outbreaths up to 10 and back to 1 again***

Ok, so that was good. I love this shift from doing or ‘performing’ meditation to accumulating present moment awarenessAlso, after about 12 mins, I recalled the question about creativity. And in to the vacuum of that question popped a really good idea in answer to an earlier question: I have a dear friend whose (v v successful) business is paused because of Covid, rendering her family in difficult circumstances, and I’ve been thinking about if I could offer her any work through my business, that was appropriate for her exceedingly high level of skill and expertise. The answer came to me! It’s a bit out there… It risks her saying no, and my other colleague disagreeing with the idea… Yes, there are risks, but this is such a win-win if I can handle the bumpy ride of the negotiation.


It’s almost as if you would be acting on the impulses of your inner being… every single time. 🙂 

IKR?!! What a WILD discipline that would be!!

But I wouldn’t want to skew my mindfulness practice towards ‘producing ideas’ – that would be a bit cognitive. Or to start avoiding my practice because of cowering from the impulses to do wild stuff!

As Abraham says: you sit there for a few minutes, your cork floats, and your inner being speaks to you. That’s all that’s happening. You can indeed have this every single time. 

I’m sad I’ve ignored or reasoned out so many fantastic impulses…..

Let’s look at the last year. You had planned a year of ‘Sharing Tools’ especially with the younger generations (the Newgens, as you called them here)…

And I lost that vision so quickly…

While you had made plans for this intention, you actually needed to be a little bit ‘reactive’ in 2020, to manage the enormous toll of losing £10,000 worth of bookings (ie all your bookings for 2020) in a flash in March. You did wonderfully with that! And also, be fair to yourself… you spent all year sharing tools, largely with the Newgens, through your trainings – and also through your cases, which were often with younger people). You  have served some 1300 people since April this year via your trainings and casework!! You downloaded the SoD idea, which will be extraordinary for ‘sharing tools’ on a much larger scale! So you actually achieved all you set out to in 2020 – and more – within a pandemic

Wow, thank you.

So! Ready for 2021?!

I am!

The word you have been playing with is CREATE. We love it. We see exactly where it’s arising from, and we love it. You’ve played with “Create > Consume” and there is indeed value in that statement. It’s a launching principle for sure, but not a guiding principle, as you don’t want to be burdened with a “Don’t Do This”. 

We see you embracing your CREATIVITY this year, in new and exciting ways. You will gain such freshness and nourishment through harnessing your attention, accumulating present moment awareness, integrating your charged emotional imprinting, experiencing wholeness, and feeling INSPIRED TO CREATE! 

Oh, I love that!

And as you give in to the impulses of your supremely creative inner being, and DEVELOP TRUST IN ITS GUIDANCE BY FOLLOWING IT ‘BLINDLY’, you will be endlessly empowered to open the tap of your creative source energy. It is delightful just to think of! 

We have a great idea for you. 

  1. Download: one CREATIVE IMPULSE a day – write it down
  2. Act: Imagine it has a 24 hour expiry date on it, so act upon it within 24 hours. Write it down.
  3. Record: record the outcome, either immediately, or reflectively later on.
  4. Mention: in passing, mention to someone the outcome (not the process or source of the idea) – to anchor it in your reality and normalise ‘completion’ of the creative impulse cycle
  5. Appreciate: find a way to appreciate or show gratitude to your amazing inner being for being a source of inspired creativity. 

I shall call it the Creative DARMA process. Is that ok? I don’t mean to culturally misappropriate….

It’s ok.

If I’ve misheard, you let me know, right?

The point of next year’s project… Oh yes, this the theme of the next project from the 1st Jan: The Create Project… The point of the project is to become a mediator between your creative inner being, and the material, 4D, physical world. Think of the sculptor, who takes clay (reality) and applies creativity to make Something New. 

The idea you had about B. just now. That was about making Something New. 

Making something new was in my blood when I was younger. I barely thought twice about new creative projects. What happened? Why did I become a little… taut… conservative… risk-averse?

Well often you were creating new things without the wisdom to ‘land’ them. Now you have that wisdom. 

I’m cautious about starting too many plates spinning. A new creative impulse a day!?!

Over time, you will get better at hearing the Creative Impulses that really need just the slightest nudge on your part to get going; and also you will find your initial impulses quickly coalesce to take on a life of their own. 

Like a mudslide?

Like a river forging new waterways towards the sea. 

Keep accumulating PMA through your 15 min practice. That is your key to authentic service, as opposed to splashing your hands in the water, as Reality Transurfing talks about. 

So, what’s the overall guiding ‘vision’ or ‘tableau’?

Something New. 

As in, something that didn’t exist before. I guess that’s what creation is all about.

Will I get cross and impatient with this work?

Undoubtedly! Until you break through. After that, you’ll be ‘hooked’ to the joy of it. You’ll wonder how you survived before! 

I can hear you laughing!

Honestly… It’s such fun! 

As Mum said, it’s gotta be fun!

I’ve been given a book. Is that the next book?

Not yet. It will be. This first. Create > Consume. Zone in > Zone out.

How do I record the Creative Darmas? Here?

Not yet. You need a book. A handwritten note book. You can add photos of pages in due course. 

Ok. Got it. Ty. So this is the penultimate day for the Presence Project? I’ve loved it. My message for today?

I am inspired to create #SomethingNew



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