Presence 63: I am inspired to act on creative impulses  [End of Presence Project]

It’s the 31st December 2020. The last day of a tempestuous year for the whole planet. And the last day of the Presence Project. How do I know? Because I only have the last few pages of this beautiful book to go… and the Create Project is on the horizon it seems!

So, I’m sitting here with next year’s wall calendar blank on the floor in front of me. I have (God-willing) 365 days ahead of me – and the power to design and define them.

Essentially, I want to dive in to ‘how I want to feel’ in those days – as opposed to ‘goals I set myself to achieve’. This year has taught me that we can make plans, but plans can be thwarted by external forces. It has also taught me that we can CHOOSE how we feel and want to feel in any moment with far greater facility and agility – and thus be independent of the will or co-operation of anyone else.

I plan to FEEL:

  • relaxed
  • settled
  • focussed
  • satisfied
  • aroused by enthusiasm
  • motivated
  • peaceful
  • confident
  • receptive to inspiration
  • in control
  • responsive (v reactive)
  • steady
  • inspired
  • grateful
  • appreciation
  • in awe
  • joyful
  • mirthful
  • connected
  • deliberate
  • clear-minded
  • bold and brave
  • brash
  • anchored
  • present
  • creative

Nice work. 

Ty. Shall we read the last pages of The Present Process? I’m so grateful to Michael Brown for this exceptionally inspired, wise, illuminating book. It has accompanied me like a mentor and guide since August – and given me the opportunity to make inner progress during this most complex and surprising of years. Thank you, dear MB.


Beautiful! What a powerful and profound book!

Some final notes.

The 15min Conscious Connect Breathing practice continues:

Our intent is our flight path. When we feel ourselves being tossed into unconsciousness by “time,” how then do we consciously respond? How do we compensate and make the required adjustments? We stop whatever we are doing and connect our breathing until present moment awareness is restored. It’s this simple. It’s this obvious. Consciously connecting our breathing restores present moment awareness and reminds us of our intent when the turbulence of our experience causes confusion. Consciously connecting our breathing rescues us from the wreckage of any crash we may manifest. By committing to make our 15 minutes breathing practice as much a part of our daily routine as brushing our teeth, we insure ourselves against Presence-decay. Our breathing routine is our responsibility because it ensures we have consciously established a route into ourselves, which is where all navigational adjustments are made.

MB gives ‘A Parting Gift’: CONSCIOUSLY APPROACHING VIBRATIONAL AWARENESS. He describes the practice in detail and states the following: 

Once we are listening to any inner sound, or to the nothingness, we are at the doorway of our inner portal into vibrational awareness. Whatever occurs beyond this point is ours to contain.

The efficiency of this practice isn’t in what we hear inwardly, but in our capacity to remain in a state of listening. This state of listening – of consciously being a receiver – empowers us to become open to receive all we require for our daily encounters directly from our unified source. As our capacity to listen evolves, so also does our capacity to receive.

This vibrational practice isn’t about perfection, but about full participation in our human experience from “a causal point of you.” Don’t try. Relax into it and enjoy the inevitable consequences. Effortlessness comes from effortlessness. May this practice eternally bless you and all you love with all you require.

Thank you dear Michael Brown for this adventure with you.

I absolutely love the idea of developing capacity to remain in a ‘state of listening’. This is at the heart of our Dialogues, isn’t it? And this is the foundation for ‘downloading creative impulses’ – right? We enter the state of present moment awareness, through our ‘accumulating PMA practices’ (my phrase/interp)… and gain access to our creative source and the impulses of our inner being – which is the part of us looking directly at ‘all the good stuff our vortex contains’ which has been placed there by our sifting and sorting through contrast! As Abraham says:

Creative Impulses. ACTING on the creative impulses ‘downloaded’ from present moment awareness, from alignment, from source energy. That’s the order of the day for the Create Project. And of course, learning to discern which impulses came from non-alignment and should be … recycled!

I’d like to share my appreciation for the blessings of 2020:

  • The opportunity to rest, restore and follow a health-giving routine
  • Moving all my work online – as I’d longed to do!
  • The blessing of having Graham and Ana here
  • Watching Lucia nail a £60k salary, and then move on to her creative work. Yes!
  • The wonder that Lucia, Dad, sibs and others all have remained well <3
  • Ayari’s incredibly recovery – and her powerful relationship with Nick
  • That Ana got though Covid with a full strong recovery
  • Immersing myself in qigong, and completing 7/16 weeks of the Teacher Certification Programme (my big gift to self this year!)
  • This beautiful home and the incredible nature around it
  • My daily walks in nature
  • My colleagues, clients, cases and calling <3
  • Serving some 1500 people through my work in 2020
  • This year (Jan-Dec)  I have delivered on 93 training and mediation bookings – WOW!!
  • This year, I ‘received’ The School of Dialogue – in 21/22 I aim to have fewer bookings and more revenue  <3
  • The beautiful hot spring/summer we had
  • Precious time with family members when possible
  • Zoom and the internet. Thank you!
  • My life-giving, heart-filling, joyful, fun, stimulating, passionate, flowing, deep, comforting, envelopingly-wonderful relationship with Graham.


I would also like to take the opportunity to think about things I would like in my 2021 Wall Calendar which I am going to design around being ‘inspired to act on creative impulses’ and “#CreateSomeThingNewToday  (#CSTNT – boom!).

I will start with creative…

2021 Gifts to Self:

  1. 365 Day streak of 15min Breathing / PMA practice
  2. Qualify as a qigong teacher 
  3. Launch The SoD with the 12 hours H2D course
  4. Get a book deal for H2D
  5. Reach 133lb by 14Mar20
  6. Buy a beautiful new bike
  7. Get a monthly massage
  8. Quarterly spa/retreat weekend away (accumulating PMA; reflect on and celebrate the quarter’s achievements)
  9. Three holidays away – one abroad – can be working/R&D holidays for SoD
  10. Create the road to One Jam 2022 (decrease other work, and transition over to HtD only) 
  11. Recruit an administrator / business manager / PA
  12. Apply for travel scholarships for SoD (eg Churchill) 
  13. Sober Sundays all year
  14. Tweak, refine and perfect AT’s Daily Routine 3.0 later in 2021. <3


Wow…. this prompted me to search my google drive for ‘2020 Goals’. Look what I found:

2020 Goals

Personal: Practice the MEDS with discipline for vibrant energy

Professional: Share the Tools of PULL with the Newgens

[PULL = peace, unity, love and light – a term I coined to bring together all I intend]

Really, it’s so amazing. I did it! THANK YOU 2020. This year has been so so challenging in so many ways, and from those challenges have come opportunity for growth, courage, experimentation, digging deep, doubling down, focussing on intentions. Thank you. <3

And heavens look at this!

I had so many intentions – but so complex!

My intention for 2021 is simple: 

  • Act on Creative Impulses downloaded in Present Moment Awareness
  • Create Something New Each Day
  • Record the outcomes in my  Book of Creative D.A.R.M.A.
  • Create > Consume

So… this is all pouring out of me today. What would you like to to know, to better draw down and activate this creativity?

Create your 2021 Wall Calendar today. That will be powerful. You are learning to CONJURE with your will and your intention. That is how life is meant to work. To reach this point you needed to Pivot and to become Present. 

Oh my word, yes! Thank you for both the DoDs Projects this year. I should reread them, no?

Only if you feel the ‘impulse’ to! But hear this. You pivoted and became present this year in new ways. You are now better than ever at harnessing your attention and being mindful and living with complex emotions and riding the waves of life. You have worked on deep issues – and even undertaken some psychotherapy if you recall! You have undertaken the Queens’ Mysteries coaching. You have walked miles and miles and miles. You have thrown yourself into qigong. You are now ready to reach into the STILLNESS you have new access to, and alchemise stillness with your soul’s desire, to activate your creative source. May 2021 be moment by moment a flow of inestimable joy, wellbeing and creativity for you. xxx

Thank you! For this project, for this year, for the learning acquired and the PMA accumulated. Love and peace to 2021!

I am inspired to act on creative impulses 



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