Private 10: Taking the Optimistic View

Taking the Optimistic View is about nudging up, nudging up, nudging up your idea of how the time-event might pan out. The conscious creative act is how new-good-things are born. 

Take today. What’s occurring? 

  1. QT in bed for the morning
  2. Chinese New Year Lunch with DD1 <3
  3. Resting time
  4. Dinner with friends
  5. Burns Night Gig

A good day!

Wonderful. What is the best version of this day you can imagine? 

It’s to do with feeling connected and at peace.

Ask yourself: what is heaven on earth? 

Heaven on earth is… Love flowing, peace flowing, unity flowing, light flowing… And it feels easeful, cumulative… Not an act, effort or drain.

It’s the weekend feeling, maybe? When the professional positioning, and the commercial circumnavigating, and the metropolitan masking can slide away, and we can all be truly outflowing without fear of loss of face, trust, balance.

Yes, and it’s time for much more of all that, maybe? 

What would it look like for all of today to be about the flowing of PULL? 

It would look like… energy flowing out of my diaphragm area?

And back in! A genuine exchange. 

Not like work…

The blueprint model for your work. And for life. 

The non-predatory model of work and life…

Taking the Optimistic View

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