MEDS Day 24: Today I am leading from my Internal Rest Point

Yesterday was pretty excruciating. Once I gave in to the fact I was struggling, so much got processed – exhaustion, and pent up inner tension/distress. I must have done 10 mins ‘work’. The rest of the day was ‘trying to work’ and wrestling with brain worms; attention deficit;  comfort-watching youtube films on near-death experiences, death and dying… Eventually (about 5pm), I was able to do some TRE, and a lot came out. Thank goodness. Dusk came eventually like a blessed relief. Beautiful Skype call with my Beloved gave not only respite, but confirmation of perspective. I am truly blessed to be in this relationship.

I had felt like trauma was shuddering through me all day. Well, electromagnetically, yesterday and the day before were cray-zee, it transpires. So I have to remember that we ARE processing stuff as a species at the moment… intensively.

And when we give in to the processing (ie. drop ‘resistance’) it is less uncomfortable.

Exactly that. I woke up thinking about ‘inner sovereignty’ and how we reclaim it.  I’ve been reading more of Reality Transurfing this morning. It’s so so good on exactly that topic. It speaks of 1) Ending the Battle 2) Celebrating Our Life As It Is. RT talks about developing the ‘foolish habit of celebrating setbacks’.

So, this arose (the Mother Courage has left the building bit, especially):

I better get going with the day. I’m training in Oxford today. What’s the theme for the day? So much good stuff this morning. (I love ‘Mother Courage has left the building‘ btw 🙂 ).

Image result for mother courage

Find that internal rest point, and lead from there. Especially when you are teaching the students about ‘creativity’. Do it from an internal rest point. 

I see. Hm, yes I was about to head off on ‘celebrate!’ or hop on my horse of  ‘Everything’s Going My Way!’…

Too much just yet. Yesterday was intense. Such jiggery-pokery of the emotions as would be stirred up by the theme of  “Celebrate!” is not ‘prescribed just yet! 😀 So, gently, softly. Lead from the I. R. P. 

Ok. Ty, Lovely. The IRP – I like that. Blessings and light and love to all the planet today, please. And especially to my very elderly and beautiful cousin R, who may be getting ready to go on home.

Done. <3

Today I am leading from my Internal Rest Point.



10 mins on Insight Timer


10 mins freestyle stretch/yoga/qigong on mat with Insight Timer music


Morning: Coffee with cream, Sausage soup (with chicken bone broth) for breakfast, plus cereal jar in the car, then raw juice at 12.

Evening: nachos in the car, cheese and ryvita, cocktail, virgin mojito, pint of lager, curry at restaurant.


Screens off: 9ish

Lights out: 12midnight

Wake up the next day: 7.30pm

Total sleep: 7.30pm. Beautiful night’s sleep in the company of one who sleeps well and deeply. Feeling loved, held, accompanied, cherished, protected.


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