MEDS Day 25: Today I am reaching for deep peace

‘Leading from the Internal Rest Point’ felt nice yesterday. On the journey to my training gig, I was at about 60% anxiety with panic symptoms in my chest area. But I could get busy just watching it, and singing it out in the car. I prayed along the way that today I would forget about my self, and be a channel for whatever would inspire and help and serve the participants on our course.

In the event, the training gig was priceless: we spent an hour setting the room up to perfection, only to be told at 4 minutes to kick-off, that actually, the person looking after us had accidentally taken us to the wrong room. Sixty people were waiting for us in a different room, in the next building…. We then had to rush and rally and cope with so much ‘chaos ensuing’ that actually, once we got going with the training (a miraculous 12 minutes later), reaching in for the IRP  felt like reconnecting with a welcome pool of sanity. I could see my urge to push / control / over-exude arising, and when I thought of the IRP, the words, “Yes, have faith…” came to mind and I re-centred.

The result? I think I gave a better. more coherent training. I was more present, more connected, more inspired by the moment, less hooked to process, more in flow with the opportunities arising from the participation of the delegates.

What could be achieved by a regular reconnection with deep peace? My sweetheart is teaching me about stopping at weekends again. I’m watching today how, after an extremely ‘contracted’ couple of weeks, if one can bear the unravelling, jittery discomfort of ‘de-contracting’, the notion of a safe, sensible, healthy, productive ‘re-contraction’ on Monday seems feasible. But yes, you’ve got to breathe out to be able to breathe in. I would love an annual full de-contraction, for a week, like a qigong retreat.

‘The Battle Is Over’ and ‘Zero Importance’ are two excellent concepts I am learning from Reality Transurfing. Equally, the idea that you can lift merely the little finger of outer intention to point to that which you would do, be or have. What more can I learn today on these themes?

The theme of deep peace was your starting point. Do you know what you mean by ‘deep peace’?

No, not entirely.

Deep peace is a state of complete non-resistance. 

Aha. How is it attained? Should one dip into it, or seek to live in it.

Deep peace is like fondue cheese. You dip yourself (the bread) into it, and the cheese sticks…. for a while, before the bulk of it slides off. It’s viscous; you can coat yourself in it, and absorb some of it. But you need to keep dipping in to the fondue pot. 

Which is meditation, right?

And other practices. 


Love. Service. Compassion. 

Aha. Aren’t they ‘activities’, outward-facing, requiring some exertion (which is resistance, no?)?

Activities of ‘service to others’ (STO) carried out for self, require resistance. STO in its true spirit is vivifying, uplifting, peace-giving.


Death and dying. People need STO there. 

Ah.. Yes. I need your help. Is that… within my work? Is it voluntary work? I don’t want to be another person knocking around the dying, getting under foot.

You are a conversationalist. That is required. 

Yes. The Dialogues for End of Life.  My ‘Go In Peace’ Project.

Think not of the commercial framework. Please. Just do it. 

Psychopompery. It makes me feel scared. And sad. And alive. And like I’m yearning.

It is impossibly difficult work in this era, and yet entirely vital. You are not called to usher souls over, but to help them reach peace in their human relationships before they go. 


Dialogues of Discernment. 

Amen. So, I pray to be guided and gifted and received… Help me.

Lift the little finger of outer intention, dear friend. That is all it takes.

And then follow prompts. That is really all it takes. 

And money and stuff?? In my life, I mean. This focus on earning….

Energy exchanges with like value. 

Yes, that makes sense. And so, today?

Reach for that deep peace of which you spoke. 

Ok. I will. Bless you. Bless these dialogues. I am so grateful for them. (Can’t quite believe we’re doing them ‘in public’ but it is seeming to add something new.) All is good and perfect and well and blessed. Thank you for my learning. Now…. ‘Deep peace is a state of complete non-resistance.’ Breathing out…. Decontracting… Trusting…

I am reaching for deep peace





Gentle walk in autumn sunshine (1 hour) – still got a cold so just gentle.


Coffee with cream. Sausages, rice, egg.

Evening: restaurant! – pork belly, mash, veg, cider


Screens off: 12

Lights out: 12

Wake up the next day: 7am

Total sleep: 7h


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