MEDS Day 26: Today I am walking towards my future

Thanks for yesterday’s permission to reach into peace…

I have learnt over the years this notion of walking calmly and confidently towards a goal, knowing that the universe can and will make it happen with ease. I have experienced many seeming miracles. This is because the world is predicated on the fundamental everydayness of miracles. The key appears to be: 1)  knowing what we want, and then 2) getting the mind out of the way.

Over time our goals change, don’t they?

We get clearer about what pleases the soul. 

Yes. That factor of getting the mind out of the way is about letting the soul speak and lead?

It’s about allowing the heart and mind to align in their own way and space, without interference. The heart and mind are good dialoguers behind the scenes. We have to be brave enough to take the mind ‘offline’ on a regular basis so that it can have the mind-to-heart conversations. 

Hence, mediation.

And other practices. 

Ah yes, love, service compassion. Reaching for deep peace. Leading from the internal rest point. What else should I know for today.

We reach deep peace, and we keep on walking. 

The peaceful stillness is internal, not a general paralysis of action…?


Like mindful walking.

Hold the target slide in mind, and move towards it. 

Yesterday I was thinking about my ideal work life. A dialogue a day. For peace, for love, for end of life, for mental health recovery, for community building.

So walk towards it. Today and each day. Be ready for it to emerge. Do the groundwork. 

Today I am walking towards my future



0 – weekend company..


15 min stroll :-/ Most of the ‘day out’ was spent driving to find a pub still doing lunch… Lovely, but not the walking I needed, needed, needed.


Coffee with cream, sausages, rice, egg

Late lunch: pie, mash, greens, diet coke – at a pub – carb/gluten! Felt rough

Pre-bed: can of lager and a sausage…. (not proud of how this w/e went)


Screens off: 11.30pm

Lights out: 11.30pm

Wake up the next day: 6.45am

Total sleep: c7hours. I need 8. I need to make it happen.


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