MEDS Day 28: Today I am making progress

Oh man, I’m so pleased to have slept over 8 hours…. What a relief.

I love these changes we’ve made to the MEDS tracking format: a) the colour coding and b) the ‘non-negotiable’ targets. So simplifying and clarifying. I now need to arrange my day’s schedule around the targets, rather than ‘see what happens’ and write it down later.

Review – are the targets right?:

MED: 20 mins of Med – feels about right

EXERCISE: 1 hour of exercise – hm, well, if I were doing HIIT, 30 mins might be plenty. But I can’t at the moment because of the adrenal fatigue recovery phase, so actually this stands for now. Another good target is number of steps, but until I can get a new Fitbit I’m a bit vague on tracking daily steps, though my phone does a reasonable job so maybe I should add that in anyway for tracking? Yes.

DIET: I fell into Brain Maker without checking back in on GAPS or Adrenal Fatigue diets… but they are all in the same direction. The thing I like about Brain Maker is the emphasis on repopulating the gut with good bacteria. I seem to be prone to gut candida (fed by carbs/sugar), so a low carb, high fat, high pre/probiotic approach seems good. Need to make a copy of the summary sheet I made. Also, need to really compassionately decide to be dry in the week (Sunday pm to Friday pm) – maybe need to track that too? Yes.

SLEEP: Yes, THIS is the target! ‘In bed with my books by 10pm’ solves everything. The books are the antidote to screen,  and the books also include my planner for the next day. By 10pm, and I am hitting my natural melatonin window, which means that my cortisol regulation is encouraged for the next day. Eight hours sleep is pretty much guaranteed. So… will I commit to it? Will I leave evening activities at 9pm latest, to be in bed by 10pm? Let’s see!

What thoughts for today?

‘I am making progress’

I am! It feels like I’m pulling my energy back in, and placing focus gently where it’s needed. Doing this process here helps, somehow… It makes me more compassionate towards myself. Less likely to cast impossible targets at myself. To make this all really work, I need to make similar progress in my work field… so that I am not bringing a n y more stress to my door. 

What does such progress in your work field look like? 

It looks like… rhythm and regularity. Me setting the timetable – like a dentist schedules available appointments. Me clarifying my offering and it’s boundaries, as well as its areas of flexibility. Why do I not finish my brochure?

Why do you think? 

Perfectionism? Fear of failure? Fear of success?

‘Perfectionism’ is a good start. Work with that, knowing that…

‘Done is better than perfect’ – or whatever they say at Facebook HQ. And also that, any brochure will always be a work in progress. It’s hard to plan to hand it over for design and print…as if that sets it in stone.

How about developing a template, that you can fill in with different services or for different markets, and adjust as you go….

Yes. I like that. That would overcome the perfectionism…if I can settle on a template. Two A4 sides. Or four. Brainstormed on paper.

‘Each day, I am making progress towards my goal.’

Ty. Yes. I know that if I can simplify my work offering, it will be a good thing. It will allow me to do all that I want to do in life, be of service sustainably, and develop the health and wellbeing of body, mind and soul. Three afternoon cases a week. Breathe…

Today, I am making progress




20 mins of MEDITATION? YES 

So good to return to Kristin Neff, the queen of self-compassion. Listening to her audiobooks and meditations on long soulful walks in 2016 was so healing. Here on Insight Timer, her guided med reminds us to ask “May I be safe… peaceful… kind to myself… accepting of myself just as I am.” ?



#STEPS : 1717



DRY today? NO (half a cider)

MORNING: My muesli, coffee with cream, snack box, pot of pea and ham soup

EVENING: chicken, beans, sweet potato fries, apple juice and soda, cider


IN BED WITH MY BOOKS BY 10pm? NO.. (choir night)

Screens off:     11.20pm     Lights out: 11.30pm

Wake up the next day:    7.30am                Total sleep: 8 hours! (again!) Yes!

Brain Maker trailer Brain Maker trailer

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