MEDS Day 29: Today I am prioritising

The ‘making progress’ feeling was good yesterday.

I had a successful conflict coaching case and then came home at lunchtime. Completely exhausted. A nap didn’t work, so I eventually deployed the ‘lying on the floor with legs on the bed’ technique for 15 minutes. It helped, and I got going. So much to do. The overwhelm could have grown, but once I got going, it improved. There’s just so much new stuff coming in at the moment. Complex new training commissions; invitations to contribute to (unpaid but interesting/meaningful) stuff; Christmas plans; financial things to sort out; interviews (today I’m speaking to GH magazine and the FT…). Maybe we’re all being swept up in the rip-tide of busy-ness. There is surely another way. There’s got to be. My body has absolutely no more beans left to service any further panic on the dance-floor…

Yesterday’s prioritisation system was good. ‘Here’s my list of actions, and here they are numbered in order of priority: Item 1, 2, 3…’

Yes, prioritising was good, though I ended up with a list of five ‘Item 0’s which I ended up squishing in as even more urgent than 1, 2 and 3!

Good. Do it again. A whole new list in your wonderful Planner. Bless yourself with the sequence of priorities. But for now…. today is a busy day. No more writing. Get to Priority Number 1, which is 20 mins of Meditation with Insight Timer, followed by a little stretch. And… go!

Today I am prioritising


Kenneth Soares in Insight Timer
Kenneth Soares in Insight Timer


20 mins of MEDITATION? YES 


ONE HOUR OF EXERCISE? YES – walking to office and back

#STEPS: 8909 (6km)



DRY today? YES

MORNING: My muesli, probiotics/NAC, chicken stew from Pret, 100% choc, Berocca drink, seaweed crisps

EVENING: steamed kale & quinoa (at 5pm), cottage pie ready meal at 8pm, G&T

Pleased about getting supplements back in. I think the probiotics are starting to help clear the gut microbiome. Must remember to keep adding fermented food eg simply sauerkraut, ACV water. Get some cocount kefir? It’s all about the microbiome, people.

Also, I want to have a little think about the evening wagon fall-off – I’m doing really well in the day time and then falling for high-carbs (potato) or alcoholic drinks, and late-evening snacks. I wonder how I can really get closure on my evenings without gorging…? Need to invite the answers in. 🙂


IN BED WITH MY BOOKS BY 10pm? NO – got carried away with phone

Screens off:  10.50pm  Lights out: 11pm

Wake up the next day:             6am       Total sleep: 7h. Ok.

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