MEDS Day 30: Today I am swimming to shore with the tide

So I did the prioritising thing yesterday… and sorted out my list, and categorised it in bunches of similar activities: 1, 1a, 2, 2a, 2b, 3, 3a (eg. 2a was for things that needed to be posted; 3 was anything to do with rates, quotes or invoices). But here’s the thing: my physical and mental energy is low. The guy opposite me at the co-working space was just pumping out phone calls, and they seemed to cost him no energy. I had three phone calls (2 interviews and a client call) and they wiped me out!

The idea behind ‘prioritising’ is to understand what you really need to prioritise. 

Well, I guess I need to prioritise my health and wellbeing.

And how would that change your To Do List? 

Interesting. I guess I would actually list/number/categorise the things I need to do for my health…

Almost. Beware making self-care the next chore on the list…

Oh, I know…! This:

  • I would set a much smaller To Do List (less threatening; more realistic)
  • I would take shortcuts to get things done (less perfectionist; more pragmatic)
  • I would say no to people (less obliging; more sustainable)
  • I would acknowledge what I can and can’t easily and effectively do each day (less idealistic; more self-compassionate)
  • I would schedule tasks in my calendar, so that I can take them off my dangling To Do List…! (better use of calendar)

Remember to ask yourself, “What am I aiming for?”

What am I aiming for? Three afternoon cases/sessions per week. At £x.

And for passive income?

Hmm? Ah… Yes. The books.

Focus, focus, focus… gratefully. Your capacity for gratitude is increasing, to your own benefit. Your suspicion is diminishing! Your belief is on the rise. You feel the tide of advantage picking you up and carrying you. Swim with the tide, dear soul. Swim with it, smilingly. See the land in the distance, and keep your eyes upon it. The tide will carry you in, if you but let yourself be carried by it. (aka: Stop swimming out to sea again!) Imagine your feet on solid earth again. Relish that anticipated sensation. Swim to shore, dear one, with the spring tide powering you forward. 

Today I am swimming to shore with the tide



20 mins of MEDITATION? NO – but 40 mins of Insight Timer talks while walking


ONE HOUR OF EXERCISE? YES – walking to office and back

#STEPS: 9000



DRY today? NO

MORNING: My muesli, chicken soup from Pret, Berocca drink, cup of tea

EVENING: salmon/egg/spinach pot from Pret, coconut bar from Pret, seaweed thins, celery and guacamole, G&T



Screens off:     9.45pm     Lights out: 10.10pm – Boom

Wake up the next day:          3.30am!!!!!!          Total sleep: 5hours!


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