MEDS Day 31: Today I am breathing peacefully

I loved the sensation of swimming to shore on the tide. Beautiful and reassuring. It allowed me to take the edge off the pressure on myself along the day. I decided to give my talk at “50%” – and I think it helped me present better actually. I made decisions which would support my wellbeing, like not cancelling my GP appointment of today (which I was going to do because I got a ‘lucky ticket’ to go to a day-long conference today… so instead I’m going to go to the conference late morning now.)

It’s 9am. I’ve been awake since 3.30am, with a cortisol disco going on in my body! So much for the 10pm long sleep…! But the wakefulness gave time, at about 5am, for the heart to well up with that which needed to judder through it, and to call out prayerfully, and to affirm intentionally, and to weep out the pain, tension and distress I feel about this life we are all living. It’s such a hard run for so many, many people! May we be safe; may we be peaceful; may we be kind to ourselves and each other; may we accept ourselves and each other exactly as we are. (Kristin Neff)

Today I am going to a conference on The Value of Death. May I learn a great deal and be inspired, and meet the right people and find my place in this world. What is your advice for me today, dear heart of my soul?

How can you protect and enhance your health and your energy levels today? 

I can ask the GP to run tests!

Yes. That is good. How can you calm the cortisol system? 

Um, by breathing well? Stimulate the vagus nerve? Getting grounded wherever I am? Moving slowly and mindfully? Taking no more caffeine?

Today, steady, deep, rhythmic, comforting, gentle breathing is good. 

I will use the Insight Timer app today to work on my breathing, and see if I can get some regulation going on. Please God, may I do a good hearty walk this weekend, and fill my lungs, and give my heart a much-needed workout. May I give-in to good breathing habits.

Breathe is life. Think of it as prana – life-force. Drink in qi. Breathe in to those dear kidneys and adrenal glands. Softly. Slowly. Be peaceful. Breathe peacefully… and see what happens.

For those who intend to help and support others: gentle, successful, consistent self-regulation of the autonomous nervous system is the first port of call. ?

Today I am breathing peacefully

Image of sunset and text: a post by a dear, soulful friend (DLH), posted today. Serendipitous. ?



20 mins of MEDITATION? YES – not formally… :/


ONE HOUR OF EXERCISE? NO – a sedentary day

#STEPS  – not many



DRY today? NO

MORNING: My muesli, nachos in the car (I hadn’t had a big enough breakfast to see me through), GF sandwich & salad at the conference, fruit tea

EVENING: ready meal Moussaka (mucha patata), V & soda. Friday night partay..?



Screens off:       10pm   Lights out: 10.30pm (with a sleeping pill)

Wake up the next day:           8am         Total sleep: 9.5h YES! Phew.

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