MEDS Day 34: Today I am playing the Best Bit game

Yesterday, in Sovereign mode, I found myself a great game to play. I called it Best Bit. It game out of discussing (with my partner) the factor of our choosing where we place our attention at any given moment. I recalled the story of Jesus and the dead dog with beautiful white teeth, told in Muslim texts:

‘Jesus and his disciples were walking down a narrow alley, and they came upon the body of a rotting dog. His disciples tried not to look at it as they passed, gagging and making comments of disgust. Jesus, however, knelt down and looked at the dog for a long moment. Then he said, “Praise be to God, it has such beautiful white teeth.” (Source of this account)

So the challenge is to ask ourselves, “Where are the ‘beautiful white teeth’ in this moment… and this… and this?” There will be some, somewhere, gleaming. Over the course of the evening, my game evolved into my using this phrase: “The best bit about this moment is….” 

  • I’m sitting next to my beloved.
  • I am listening to someone playing the piano, live in front of me.
  • I don’t need to do anything at all.
  • The silence.
  • My beloved smells like ‘home’.
  • The road ahead is completely clear.
  • I accidentally left my bedroom heater on and now it’s cosy.

It gave me such a warm sense of wellbeing and abundance. It seemed to take me back to the state of childhood when the mind was somehow poised to anticipate the next delight… The ‘best bits’ of each moment seemed to glimmer gently and vie for my attention. I woke up in the night and, rather than letting the parade of ‘ugh’ thoughts shimmy past my consciousness, I turned to the same phrase: “The best bit about this moment is….I’m cosy in bed… I don’t have to get up for 4 hours… ” And then when I finally woke up for the day, I listed the Best Bits about the day ahead: “I’m seeing Dad today!”

Beautiful. Let this game (White Teeth; Best Bit) be your focus for today. To shine the headlamp of your attention on any matter is to invite its growth and proliferation. So, yes, aiming your headlamp consciously and wisely is about the best gift you can give yourself. 

They say where your attention goes energy flows… (example)

Exactly. So focussing on the Best Bit of your current reality is a perfect way to enhance the good that is already present. This is an excellent alternative to visioning the as-yet un-manifested elements of life, which can seem so far away we become tempted to strain for it (nb: letting go of straining). Spotting and growing the Best Bit about this moment (and this and this) is such a soft, playful game. An excellent way to hone our perspective.


Today I am playing the Best Bit game.

“The best bit about this moment is….”



I’m realising, the Best Bit game is powerful, effective, welcome re-training for the brain which lived in amygdala hijack for some many years, and was constantly poised to spot the next threat. This game is the loving, playful antidote to cPTSD. I’m so glad and grateful to be at this point, and to have learnt all I have learnt to get here. I’m so glad to be getting accustomed to scanning the horizon for the glimmers and twinkles, instead of the red flags and sabre-toothed tigers. Yes! This realisation is the best bit of this moment!


This Tara Brach meditation was perfect, especially starting with the inner smile. I am reminded (oh how forgetful we humans are!), that happiness and peace and wellbeing and satisfaction and fulfilment are very subtle states. You can’t bring the problem-smashing sledgehammer to the peace party. It don’t work that way. And to get to the subtle states, one must spend a lot of time in stillness… And, we most acutely spot the Best Bit of any moment in that same still, subtle state. We tend to glimpse and discern the very Best Bit out of the corner of our eye. ?

A surprising realisation: there is so much comfort to be drawn in the actuality of each moment. ❣️


20 mins of MEDITATION? YES – Tara Brach on Insight Timer app … and a talk by her. Deep, wise soul.



I drove to Oxford and back over the day, and didn’t factor exercise time in. I realise it might have been best to prioritise a mindful Exercise session of 20 mins over the 20 min Meditation on a day with long contemplative car drives.



DRY today? Y E S – I’m so pleased. 

MORNING: My muesli, nuts, berocca. Lunch of ham, salad, frankfurter, pasta (little bit), cheese. 100% choc

EVENING: chicken soup (from a pot) and sauerkraut. Excellent & light. Liquid supper is good, especially if eating late.


IN BED WITH MY BOOKS BY 10pm? NO – too wound up from lovely trip

Screens off:     11     Lights out: 11.30

Wake up the next day:        7            Total sleep: 7.5h

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