MEDS Day 36: Today I am activating avatars

I sometimes feel that when I draw myself up to really move forward (and act expediently), I attract the most out-there balancing (or draining) forces… So yesterday, I spent the rest of the morning drawing up a wall of posters about connecting with those 12 Cherished Clients. It was brilliant and I felt so positive and clear and uplifted. I came back to my room from getting some lunch, and picked up my phone (to google the lyrics for Hey Jude – specifically I wanted the phrase, ‘Take a sad song and make it better’ which had been playing in my head around the theme of the conflict resolution work…) I was on a positive roll, with the End In View. There, on my phone, were two really unpleasant and intimidating messages from a person who had found my number and originally messaged me in a seemingly concerned and friendly manner after my TV appearance earlier in the month. It completely threw me. I could go into it all now, but this person took enough of my valuable energy yesterday (and during the night). So, no. Not now.

After an afternoon of crying, lamenting and seeking advice from the national stalking helpine etc, I spent some time listening to Laura Eisenhower last night, and on her advice around grounding, rooting and anchoring ourselves, using our creativity and unique voice, and holding ourselves in our sovereignty, in order that we might (safely and effectively) participate in the work of bringing forward unity consciousness. I do feel that I do need to learn/assimilate really good grounding and energetic protection techniques. I’ve studied this over the years and go in waves of practising it… I don’t find it an enjoyable use of time, like some might do…. But that’s probably because I haven’t been tuned in enough to what it actually does. I’ve always wanted to believe we live in a benign world. And that may well be true – as long as you go along with the terms of quarantine. But maybe we can’t participate in the unfolding of the peaceful new without attracting the attention, dismay and disruptive intervention of the old. 

I liked the ideas I mulled over yesterday, about our simply picking certain versions of our self out of the unified field with our thoughts. If you can imagine it, it is activated, right? The guy behind the nasty messages actively tried to trigger certain self-images… quite powerfully. Interesting. But we have choice. We can pick out and activate any image/version of our self from the quantum, zero-point, timeless universe, and bring it in to the Now, right?

Any. Version. You. Like. 

Cool. I thought so. How?

Remember that game you so enjoy: ‘Acting As If’? But this time it’s, in a sense, ‘Being As If’. You select the positive state you wish to play with, and you download it in to your operating system for a while. You affirm this with internal statements using your name.

An example would be: “I am ATHLETE [your name]” – and you can just be that person for a while. Then another positive state will come to mind, and you ‘download’ that new one, maybe with an anchoring gesture… and make your new statement. eg “I am ACHIEVER / HEALER / COMEDIAN / ANGEL / DANCER / BIG-HEARTED / PEACEMAKER / ENERGISED [your name]” It should feel flowing and fun. In these exercises, you are disrupting the old sleeping versions of yourself, as much as integrating new potential versions of you. 

We call these various self-versions ‘avatars’. 

Let me check an online definition of ‘avatar’:

“Generally speaking, an avatar is the embodiment of a person or idea. However, in the computer world, an avatar specifically refers to a character that represents an online user.” (Ref

Interesting…! Especially in terms of my thinking about notions of our played-out life being akin to playing a character in an online game… And yes, the embodiment of IDEAS. I shall play this game today… It’s Dia de Muertos too, so I shall also play PSYCHOPOMP [my name]. This game is about exercising my will. I like it. My anchoring gesture will be: hands on heart, to receive the download.

Keep grounded, anchored and rooted above all else. This is not about floating away in imagination. It is precisely about the embodiment of chosen states. Think more of ‘activating’ the avatars, than playing them. This is not ‘acting’ any more. This is about inhabiting your higher frequency personhood.

Excuse me?

Blessed are the cheesemakers… 

Ok. I hear you. May we all be blessed, may we all be protected, may we all inhabit our highest frequency, and may we all gently learn how this all works.

Today I am activating avatars.



20 mins of MEDITATION? No – maybe 10, of grounding / prayer


ONE HOUR OF EXERCISE? YES – gentle walking to/from work

#STEPS: 6500



DRY today? NO – one lager tinny

MORNING: My muesli, probiotic, iron/vit c supplement, quorn stew

EVENING: Mexican feast for Dia de Muertos – chicken, tortillas (GF but carby), guac, pico de gallo, black beans, non-diary ice cream (sugar)

I want to report on my gut health… I’ve been taking probiotics and vitamins for a week or so now, and really cutting down on the carbs (which exacerbate gut candida)… and suddenly in the last couple of days (after my period and a bad cold), my gut is starting to… purge. It’s like it’s really functioning better and managing to clear my system more thoroughly. I’m feeling less bloated, and I’ve maybe lost a couple of pounds of weight. I can see that, if I start to add proper exercise, and master my sleep, I could really get energy back again. I need to remember that the gut is the key to my wellbeing.


IN BED WITH MY BOOKS BY 10pm? NO – got home late from lovely Dia de Muertos evening… abit revved up

Screens off:     1am     Lights out: 1am

Wake up the next day:            7.30am        Total sleep: 6.5h.

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