MEDS Day 37: Today I am embodying new frequencies

‘Activating avatars’ is a fascinating concept and I loved working with it yesterday. In the end, there was just one avatar that arose for me, and it turned out to be ‘Warrior’. I’m a bit bashful about writing the word, I notice… maybe because it feels so unlike the peaceful (‘agreeable’) persona I tout for myself?! However, yesterday was about bouncing back from the stalky harassment texts I had received, in the shields-up spirit of “Defence against the dark arts, Harry”; and going for a blood test to check on my health data; and getting professional work done (working along a cherished work-buddy (LV)); and enjoying Dia de Muertos with my family… Damn right that Warrior {My Name} should download herself!

As Warrior {My Name}  I felt the sensation of the straightening of my spine; the defending of my auric field; the projection of strong yet loving energy outward; the clear aim to work expediently (with the end in view) without allowing disruption, distraction, deviation. And… remarkably… I felt others responding to my state. Let me just let myself let that sink in… Yes. At the co-working office, people backed away from distracting me; people recalibrated to my state…. It wasn’t like they stepped back because ‘they could see me frantically trying to focus’ – as I’ve always hoped would be the effect of my furrowed brow. No! “Frantically trying to focus’ is a state that actually, I realise, attracts the ‘attention-seeking butterflies’. Wow. It really is our inside that that counts. 

So if yesterday was about activating the avatar ‘Warrior Me’, what avatar shall we activate today?

How did you access and download the ‘Warrior’ avatar?

Through doing a few minutes of kneeling prayer, qigong, and energetic alignment exercises.

There you go. The learning here is that the activation of new states is (especially for you) a kinaesthetic process, rather than an intellectual, static, thought-based one. Remember: this avatar-activation work is about the embodiment of new frequencies, new frequencies which are seeking to anchor on earth via such receptive souls as are committed enough to doing the requisite energetic protection work to make such frequency-downloading safe. 

Oh Lordy. Can’t believe I’m writing this… Deep breaths. Yes. Thank you. I hear you. This is it, indeed.

And this explains to you why you are actually undertaking the MEDS Project: so that your mind and body state can be brought sufficiently in to alignment, stability and attunement that the human vessel is fit to do the frequency-embodiment work at hand. 

Woah. Really?! It’s not just about weight-loss, clothes fitting, professional credibility, and being well enough to work and live happily…?

Is that what you had thought?

Not really. It just felt like I needed to get on top of my health, to be able to function better in the world: work full-time; be a loving partner and family member; enjoy some travel and adventure.

And all of that is true. Your happiness and joyfulness and inner peace is exactly resonant with the ‘new’ frequency which we are promulgating on the planet. How you get there, and how you learn to embody that frequency, is part of the fun. As your mother always said, “It’s got to be fun.” Why? Creation is awe-inspiring. You know you’re truly creating (which is the key activity, trait and aspect of The Creator) when you feel lightness / tickled / joy-pride-awe. We are teaching you to spin the plates of happiness and be joyfully, laughingly occupied with keeping them spinning. This is the fun of creation. This is the path to, and from, peace. This is the high-frequency state of healing, growth and completion. 

Completion? Does creativity or creation ever complete itself?

The answer to that depends whether you ‘believe’ in linear time. If there is only ‘now’, glorious completion is all there is. The illusion of linear time is a gift of consciousness which precisely allows you to experience the delicious sensation of unfurling, blossoming, growing, bringing-into-being, ‘creating’…

‘Be still and know that you are God.’ We are all creators creating, so that we can know our divine essence, right? Or so that the divine can know itself?

If you like. Need there be a ‘so that’? (‘O reason not the need’…) You can apply logic and reasoning, but equally, you are invited to revel in the unfathomable unreasonableness of creation, and flow with it, wide-eyed and astonished by where it takes you next.

So who does the creating… ‘Creation’ or my creative mind?

Need there be a creator/created duality? 

Ooooooh…. Ha. You’re good. I’m getting it. Unstick the mind, which is obsessed by seeking to impose a logic of A + B = C. And just let A B C fill us with joy. Something like that?

Something like that. Enough for today?

Yes. Awesome. Um, theme for the day? Something more on activating avatars maybe, after doing another ‘few minutes of kneeling prayer, qigong, and energetic alignment exercises’ perhaps?

Lovely. Today is about embodiment. It’s about getting into the body. And anchoring new frequencies.

I’ve got a lot of seated computer work to do today…

All the more appealing then. 

Argh… Ok. Thank you. Warrior Me can do this.

Today I am embodying new frequencies.



20 mins of MEDITATION? YES 


ONE HOUR OF EXERCISE? YES – walking in sunshine




DRY today? NO

MORNING: coffee with cream and half tsp honey, muesli, parsnip soup, steamed green veg, cheese, mayo

EVENING: veg, soup, chicken breast, G&T


IN BED WITH MY BOOKS BY 10pm? NO – got rather carried away online

Screens off:    12      Lights out: 12

Wake up the next day:           7.30         Total sleep: 7.5h

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