MEDS Day 38: Today, I am embodying the ‘teacher’ & honouring the ‘teacher’ in others (“Namaste, Teacher”)

I am so grateful for the learning of yesterday. I set out to learn more about ’embodiment of new frequencies’. My oh my, my heart. Yes! This is indeed what the MEDS Project is all about and for. I am realising how I can no longer ‘intellectualise’ the thinking around this Earth’s, and all of our, evolution. If it’s happening, it’s happening through our physical vessels. It’s got to, as the key feature of this ‘Earth life’ experience our souls are having is… the physical plane. Our spiritual evolution as a species does not happen in spite of, or separately to, our physicality. It’s got to happen through it! (“We can’t go over it! We can’t go under it! Oh no, we’ve got to go through it!” Ref)

I recalled a video that came out a couple of days earlier (30 Oct 2018) which I had been looking forward to watching: ‘Collective kundalini, LightBody, Relationships’ by Lisa T Brown. It was the perfect thing to listen to as I went out to walk in the valley in the last of the afternoon sunshine. I took scribbled notes as I walked. Here is a summary of Lisa’s message, from my point of view:

  • We’re moving from ‘Linear’ 3D to Multidimensional 5D+
  • The dimension you’re in depends on your body
  • To change dimensions: elevate your consciousness and hold yourself in higher consciousness while your body’s rewrites itself through the activation of light codes
  • In the state of kundalini awakening, there is a constant energetic winding/spiralling up and down in the body – it’s clearing old emotions/programming so you can be ever more present to the moment
  • We can access  multiple-dimensions according to the amount of photonic light we hold
  • You have to purify your life, your ‘identities’ and your body, for the incorporation of sacred geometrics (which go to where the matrix programming lies)
  • First you expand consciousness right out of the body (might think you are going crazy) and then you pull it right back in ‘for the embodiment process‘. (Sound familiar?)
  • 5D life = ‘free inside’, new found freedom; playful inner child; sharing all your abilities; pure, simple, humble existence
  • How to get there? Integrate light 24/7; support your LightBody using natural resources; anchor new realities… or you’ll deplete your energy [aha, hence, fatigue!]
  • If your LightBody isn’t your priority it’s a much more challenging process.“: only bring into your field that which uplifts/inspires you; talk to your LightBody; keep coming back to beautiful Zero Point (where you are everything & nothing)
  • You can see all challenging experiences energetically as the old unravelling and coming up for dissolving / resolution / transcendence / surrender of ego / letting go of old identities / clearing discordant energy from the body and cellular matter
  • Ego starts to shout, “Urgent! Help me! I can’t share or open up” – as it is invited to surrender. You’ll see this is yourself and in others
  • You can start to say ‘no’ to linear things which no longer serve you
  • The new is about: unity, respect, kindness, sharing, compassion, reciprocity, consortium, community, presence
  • “Unity consciousness is an energetic, quantum state of consciousness that you live from, and it’s going to replace our old. We relinquish our old. We trade realities.”
  • “The distortions {from across timelines} are held in the body. We clear them through the integration of light… through the LightBodies.”

Thanks LTB. Awesome. So…Maybe the MEDS are actually all about the embodiment of light:

  • Meditation: visualisations of light
  • Exercise (or Embodiment): walking in sunlight; qigong
  • Diet: light-filled. sun-filled organic green veg; grass-fed, free-range meat
  • Sleep: follow/honour the sun’s cycles; integrate the daylight; replenish at night

Anyway, what is the LightBody and what is Photonic Light? Scope for further study here.

After all that thinking and studying, I turned to my work. Often I dread turning to my work…. But suddenly I had an insight. Maybe our work is just about earning and paying our Earth Dues as a soul on the physical plane. I can potentially see my training work as being ‘teaching’, and as ‘dues/return’ for the incredible learning I receive from so many sources. Accounts of the afterlife talk so much about souls mentoring each other – no ‘specialness’ attached to it, or guru-ing – it’s just part of how we grow collectively.

Sometimes I feel I want to be ‘unavailable’ – I feel that’s when I’m LEARNING intensively.

Maybe my conscious ‘available’ state is… rather than completely open doors and ‘here take my energy’ as I often make it feel… instead, it’s about being in TEACHING mode… I’ve recoiled from Teacher Avatar because I hung so much ego on it. But I’m learning through people like Lisa TB, and other incredible teachers in my life, that this world needs us all to teach what we know. So no big deal, it’s just about paying our rent on earth… Relax, but take it seriously.. no?

Yes. Good work, dear soul. Today is about activating, and embodying, the ‘teacher’ avatar.

I could weep… You know… There’s so much sadness there… around teaching.

Be at peace. The distortions are worked out through the embodiment process. Embody the teacher. 

Ok… Thank you. I will undertake this, whatever it means. Pray for me.

You can pray for yourself too, dear one. Remember, it’s as simple as that. 

I pray for myself then. And for us all. May we alllllll become the teachers of that which we know! Amen.

Today, I am embodying the ‘teacher’ & honouring the ‘teacher’ in others (“Namaste, Teacher” – the teacher in me honours the teacher in you.)




20 mins of MEDITATION? NO – left it too late… 🙁


ONE HOUR OF EXERCISE? YES – walking in and out of town for work STEPS: 8k



DRY today? NO

MORNING: My muesli, GF toast & butter, Pret chicken soup, Kale crisps

EVENING: Cider, Pringles (handful), Indian restaurant..



Screens off:   n/a       Lights out: 11.30pm

Wake up the next day:        10am            Total sleep: 10h!


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