MEDS Day 39: Today I am practising inner softness

What did I learn from my “Namaste, Teacher” exercise?:

  • I am prone to playing ‘innocent student’ to the ‘teacher-other’ in front of me – which is advantageous in that my learning is heightened, but perhaps creates a dynamic which is unhelpful for both…?
  • We are all actually eternal ‘teacher-students’
  • Real teachers fly ‘under the radar’ (and over the rainbow)
  • Teachers are humble / simple
  • LTB in Navigating Dimensions (p183)  writes (in caps!): IF YOU WISH TO LEARN (REMEMBER) BECOME A TEACHER
  • I understood my mind/ego wants to “exalt/demean” the teacher avatar (flick-flack nature of ego); my higher self, on the other hand, just wants to participate in the work of teaching/sharing/encouraging others, simply, humbly, quietly, under the radar

And today, a quiet weekend day with my Love, my inclination is simply to practice inner softness.

The visualisation I see is an image of gently adding feathers to my inner space, one by one, with the breath. I know my inner being’s natural state is softness. My intention for the day is to slough off some of the tension of the week, and return to the natural state.

Today I am practising inner softness



20 mins of MEDITATION?  NO…


ONE HOUR OF EXERCISE? YES – 2h gentle walk in the valley with G

#STEPS: 8400



DRY today? NO

MORNING: Coffee, Breakfast of Giants (sausages, rice, egg, bacon)

EVENING: Restaurant – Pork, Mash, Veg, Cider, Pork scratchings


IN BED WITH MY BOOKS BY 10pm? NO – late night Sat

Screens off:    n/a      Lights out: 12.30

Wake up the next day:         8.30           Total sleep: 8h

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