MEDS Day 40: Today I am tapping into this moment (rather than escaperising it)

Day 40! They say that it takes 40 days of focus for a change to occur. What has changed, and what is still for changing?

‘Change’ is not necessarily the goal in this project. Increased ‘awareness’ is, however.

Ok, that’s helpful. So then, in what ways am I more ‘aware’ since I began the MEDS Project?

Have a look back…

Oh my W O R D. I’ve written so much!! Wow. Well. Here’s the theme arising for me, looking back on some of the posts….

There is so much good to tap into

In other words, whenever I stop straining / efforting / pushing&pulling, I am able to access an extraordinary well of goodness, peace, awe…. from right where I am.  If I can simply hold the awareness that the good stuff is right here right now, then I’m swimming in biscuits. It’s the ‘remembering’ business that is the key. Right?

Sounds about right, dear soul. How would you like to raise the bar on this ‘tapping into the good’ game? 

‘Raise the bar’ as in ‘do more of it’?

Augment the experience, make it more vivid… and hence more memorable

Well, I’ve loved the games I’ve played. The ‘Best Bit’ game last week or so was excellent. It’s about snapshotting the best of what’s there, I guess. Something else?

I also tried writing up my Gratitudes / Appreciations each evening, but often I’m too tired.

What about here, and in your new daytime notebook? 

Ah, if that’s not too tedious for people to read.

This exercise is not about entertainment. The work of mental retraining is detailed, ‘tedious’, disciplined… It’s ok to show that; it’s good to show ‘your workings’. Namaste, teacher. 

Ok. I’ll change the template for these posts.. How do I work this in with the MEDS, and why am I still not on top of all of the elements? What needs to happen?

What needs to happen is your celebration of the wonder and gift of meeting your MEDS goals, and understanding the role of the higher power in achieving them on any one day.

Really? Like AA?

Not far off. That’s why you watched the John Callaghan movie last night. As education, dear one. [Here’s the actual JC] 

What was the lesson? To join AA?

No, dear soul. To relax into the truth of what is. To speak your truth. To express yourself as a way of ‘staying alive’. To stop escaperising, ‘because you won’t get far on foot.’

Do I try to escaperise? (Nice word, btw)

Yes. Whenever you are not tapping into the good at hand right now, you are escaperising. 

It’s a mechanical habit.

Mechanical habits can be unlearnt. Softly, gently. 

Help me, please.

Of course. You are invited to meditate briefly. Let this idea roll about your inner space: I am tapping into the good. Remember our ‘tap root’ analogy (from It’s Radical Love). Let the tap root go deep. See you after….


So, I meditated in silence for (what turned out to be exactly) 20mins. This is how it went:

  1. I noticed I’d escaperised, and came back (to the moment, anchoring in breath)
  2. I noticed the urge to escaperise. I brought compassion to it, but didn’t follow it.
  3. Then I was able to stay a bit longer, with the breath – a certain stability started to arise
  4. I introduced the idea of tapping into the good… softly… Breathing started to feel good. I started trying to think about what I would write down… I returned to the moment.
  5. Strong feelings started to arise (frustration, rage, hate…) – I noticed the discomfort – I stayed
  6. The ‘purple’ visualisation arose… Nice.
  7. I heard noises upstairs… Time to come back? Opened eyes.

It’s all so very very subtle… And the urge to pop into duality is strong… ‘Tapping into the good‘ felt maybe a bit loaded..?

Only to the dualistic mind. Source knows only Good. And all the Good exists right here, right now, at the heart of this moment. Not elsewhere, or in the past/future, or in delay, or out there… Right here, right now, if you can but get still enough, and trusting enough, to tap into this moment itself.

Ok. I hear you. Thank you. So, today…

Your message for today is this: “Today I am tapping into this moment – rather than escaperising it, because in this moment is the Good to be found.”

Today I am tapping into this moment (rather than escaperising it)



20 mins of MEDITATION? YES – silent





DRY today? YES 🙂

  • Coffee
  • 2pm Roast beef, veg and potatoes, diet coke
  • 9.30pm: Snack – halloumi, guacamole, scratchings, licorice tea



Screens off:    9.50pm      Lights out: 11pm

Wake up the next day (Mon):       7.15am             Total sleep: 8h 🙂

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