MEDS Day 48: Today I am playing ‘Switch 20:20:20’ again

I am grateful for yesterday’s…

  • Prayers for world peace
  • Lunch out by the river
  • Walk by the river
  • Movements class
  • Time and connection and sharing with my Love

I want to make a quick throwback to Day 46 and playing the game of Switching Attention (every 20 mins). It was AMAZING, brilliant and revelationary. Every 20 mins, I would either sit down and work on one pre-noted chunk of work; or get up and do something physical. I had the most productive day I’ve had in months. I went out jogging twice (for 10 mins each time – easy!). I cleared the house up. I got work done I had been dreading! It felt so fun and playful!! I would laugh every time the timer pinged again… “20 minutes already?!” It felt I could tackle a little bit of anything. And I did. My attention was under my command. I loved it.

So today. Briefly! It’s the beginning of a big week, with 3 bespoke training bookings, on M, W and F. And a funeral, alas, on Tuesday. Your words, dear wisdom of my soul…?

11.12 has always been good number for you. 

Yes! It’s true. How shall I apply it today?

Continue playing Switch 20:20:20. The urge to zone in or zone out can be strong. Keep moving and re-intending, every 20 mins. At the start of each 20 minutes, you know what to do: 

  1. Get up from your seat or sit down at it. 
  2. Write in your planner how you intend to use the next 20 mins (this does not need a plan in advance – the mind knows What’s Next)
  3. Towards the end of the 20 mins, write your review…  (smiley/sad face is plenty)
  4. When the timer pings, press ‘Repeat’

Ok, cool. But also, I have training to deliver this afternoon.

Use 20:20:20 to break up the training too. Every 20 mins, a switch of mode.

I didn’t write the training like that though…

Just keep an eye on the clock. Play the game with yourself… The participants will benefit. 🙂 

Ok. I’m going to finish with 5 mins meditation and get up on the hour…

Excellent. Trust in this. 

Will do.

Today I am playing ‘Switch 20:20:20’ again



MEDITATION? YES – 4 mins at 9.55am



#STEPS: c8000



DRY today? NO – glass of org red wine

MORNING: My muesli, soup&spinach, celery&pate

AFTERNOON: Seeds, nuts, soup&sausage, wine


IN BED WITH MY BOOKS BY 10pm? YES & NO – in bed by 8pm, wired til 11

Screens off:     11     Lights out: 11.15

Wake up the next day:            5.45am (noivous)        Total sleep: 6.5h


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