MEDS Day 49: Today I am travelling lightly

I am grateful for yesterday’s…

  • Successful training. One participant said, “The best session I’ve ever been to.” And she’s been at the company since 1985. 🙂
  • Energy to bring it all together yesterday, and to be roughly present to people, while managing my cortisol levels.
  • Support (emotional, logistical) from colleagues, and from my dear generous Love.
  • An evening in bed…

So, playing Switch20:20:20… I couldn’t hold concentration yesterday. It was such a full-on day… But I am this morning. I’ve been awake since 5.45am – got up at 6am, and have been Switching every 20 mins since.

The wisdom of theSwitch20:20:20 game includes: 

  • the regular break up of flow and attention forces one to consider, ‘is this activity the best use of my time now?’ – often I find I’ve gone down a rabbit hole…! Good to pull back and out and refocus.
  • the nudge to get the ‘little things’ done, those things I can overlook / dodge, but the execution of which improves one’s sense of wellbeing and order. Eg. just now I bust out of sitting-working mode, got up, and unpacked and put away all my training materials from yesterday. Ace.
  • the reminder that you can always come back to the all-consumingly enjoyable thing – it’s just you don’t have to finish it now… Instead, when the 20 mins is up, break out of the zone and… Get up, get on up…..stay on the scene… like a sex machine…
James Brown "Get on up..."
James Brown “Get on up…”

So, on to today.

Today, is a sombre day – the funeral of a dear relative. So, soon I will be leaving the house and back later in the evening. Your advice for the day?

Travel lightly

‘Travel’ or ‘tread’?

Travel – as in ‘carry oneself forward, bear oneself onward’. Be soft as the breeze in the way you move; be uplifted, weightless, without gravity or gravitas. Carry with you the soft breezes of love. And return home with energy to spare. Breathe in the air; breathe out the air. Do not rush, hasten, or harry yourself. 

I’m travelling with my lovely eldest.

Your day is about being with her too. 

And seeing my lovely family…

Breathe it all in. These are precious days. Precious moments. They can be lost to over-pacing. Travel lightly as air. The theme ‘Get up, get on up’ carries here. We get up, and we travel lightly… onwards, forwards. When we travel lightly we are moving, while remaining present to what is happening now. We are not fixated on the future (and therefore missing the present riches)… We are appreciating and enjoying the passing scenery with equanimity.

Doll on wheels gliding along
Doll on wheels gliding along

Like a doll on wheels gliding along…

If you will. 🙂

So now, it’s time to move softly on with the day. Get up (lightly), get on up (softly), stay in the scene, like a love machine… 

Nice. Well that’s the song for the day..! Onwards we go, lightly, softly…

Today I am travelling lightly






DIET – Brainmaker? No

DRY today? No

Time / Intake:

8am – soup and spinach 9am cereal 1pm buffet sandwiches, tea, wine

later – chicken and salad… wine


Screens off:     11     Lights out: 11

Wake up the next day:         4am           Total sleep: 5


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