MEDS Day 50: Today I am being kind to myself

I’m grateful for yesterday’s…

  • being with family to mark the life and loss of our dear cousin R
  • the car journey with my lovely eldest
  • time with my sister
  • catch up with my Love
  • travelling lightly – yes, I conserved good energy as a Glitter Glider :))

I’m so tired. I woke at 4am with anxiety about the day/week ahead, and alas, possibly the effects of two glasses of (org red) wine last night… Argh. I’ve got a day of training ahead. Yesterday’s funeral was beautiful, but I haven’t had time to process it yet. I’m groggy and not myself… Why am I not being ‘corrected’ by the MEDS project? I’m still all over the place in terms of my habits!

Today is a day for practising and teaching self-kindness. 

What is self-kindness?

Kindness comes from the word ‘kin’, family – it’s the treatment we would give to our ‘own’, our nearest and dearest. So self-kindness is to treat ourselves as if we were our dearest family member. Softly. 

Thank you. I will work with that today. My heart is heavy.

We can see. Breathe in. Breathe out. Be kind to yourself. 

Today I am being kind to myself.



MEDITATION? NO –  delivering training 8.30am – 4pm – but 1 min would have been good…. 🙂


EXERCISE? NO – again – 3mins would have been good… 🙂 


BRAIN-MAKER DIET? YES!!!! til the chips at 6pm 🙂

DRY today? NO – dropped the red wine, that didn’t work… G&T in a tin with coke… Less brain-addling than wine

MORNING: Salmon&veg (baked, at 6am!!) for breakfast and packed lunch!! (NEED to get a reliable, non-leaky lunch container – bcs taking lowcarb lunch with me is GOOD); tea; water

EVENING: Home made chicken, broccoli & delicious chunky chips (G here ) 🙂



Screens off:       9.30pm   Lights out: 9.50pm – so tired!!

Wake up the next day:        7am – aahhhh, lovely       Total sleep: NINE HOURS!!


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