MEDS Day 52: Today I am well

I am grateful for yesterday’s….

  • fruitful work (completed a new training programme, on Suicide Prevention & Intervention – delivering today)
  • Switch20 game… got a lot done when I used it
  • good food
  • fascination with British politics going into 6th gear…

Switch20 shows me how deeeeeeeeeply down the mental (thinking) rabbit hole I tend to go.

When I Switch Attention ‘cleanly’ (which can feel like pulling a tooth out initially), it makes me more:

  • efficient
  • agile
  • focussed
  • task-orientated
  • minimalist
  • attentive to the ‘next best task’
  • ‘problem-busting’
  • (also…. agitated and unsettled if I’m not in the right zone)

I spent a long time on the training development after I dropped off using Switch20 at about 1pm…. I would have been more efficient and agile and focussed if I had had the courage to keep using it – but I was under a pressure of a deadline to complete, so it just felt ‘risky’ to try a new way.

That’s understandable. You are developing new tools, for fuller deployment donw the line. Everything doesn’t have to be mastered immediately. 

This morning I’ve been studying the Bronnikov Method…. He talks about the New Human. It’s really interesting, because it seems to pick up things I’ve worked out myself… It matches Joe Dispenza who I was reading and finding helpful recently too. See:

Also I’ve downloaded an intermittent fasting app called BodyFast. I know I need to give my body a break and a boost.

I guess I’m thinking about this ‘human potential’ theme. It sure is an antidote to thinking about mental illness which was a big theme for me, and is now what I am training people about a lot.

Yes, the ‘towards’ vision…. 

I must go to work… Got this important training. Today?

“I am well”


Your world mirrors your belief. Remind yourself to live with and within your ‘towards’ vision. Especially when delivering training which would benefit from your positive assertion at all times. Sing it internally across the day. 

Lovely. Thank you..

Today I am well






DRY today? NO

MORNING: My muesli, caulirice&eggs&kale :)))

EVENING: Fish & chips, G&Ts

SLEEP – IN BED WITH MY BOOKS BY 10pm? NO festive friday

Screens off:     11     Lights out: 11

Wake up the next day:        7            Total sleep: 8


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