MEDS Day 53: Today I am practising Inner Softness

I am grateful for yesterday’s…

  • Extraordinary training delivery – on suicide prevention. Profound experience.
  • Completing the hardest week of the year, workwise – and feeling like I’ve ‘broken up’ for end of term
  • Huge, helpful, somatic-release cry… before a lovely, warming, heartening…
  • Evening out with my Love

Feeling still a little pinched today. The content of the last week’s training has been so hard, so intense, and the stories of suicide people shared yesterday really took the wind out of us all.

Remember that song… “Get up, get on up…”

Yes, I’m meant to be at a singing workshop… I’m 2 hours late. Here in my pjs.

It’s sunny outdoors. Not a day to be lingering in pjs, dear one.

Orientate me a bit. What have I learnt this week?

Revise this: 

All dependency arises because the arrow of attention has been caught in the pendulum’s noose. In order to “come off the needle” you have to switch your attention to something else. Will power is rarely enough to free yourself from the noose in the same way that you can only get a song out of your head when you switch to a different tune. A harmful habit is as a rule accompanied by a specific script and set of scenery…. There is only one way to pay off all your debts and walk away from the grievous bank: change the script and scenery. If is not difficult to do, you just have to do it and then apply a little imagination.’ (Reality Transurfing p596)

“Change the script and scenery.” I could do that a little more… I’m really saddened by some of the words I’ve heard recently…

Focus only upon that which you would see more of. 

Like… Peace, love, understanding.

For example. But even and also, the practical, pragmatic, tangible things… The real ‘scenery’: 

  • the food you like to see (you’ve done some great healthy cooking this week)
  • the places you love to visit and feast your senses on 
  • the people you admire and are inspired by
  • the tools you know provoke healing, learning, joy… 

To what degree do your words (“script”) focus on illuminating that which your heart is uplifted by? 

Remember that settling the system (ANS) allows us to steer our minds in the ‘towards’ direction, instead of being propelled in an ‘away-from’ manner.  

I just read an article about MDMA therapy, for profound trauma release.

Your brain can make its own MDMA if you work with it, and not against it. 


Be still, be gentle, be soft…

You keep saying that. What insight am I missing?

Softness is in inside job. You have held yourself rigid inside, to power though the ‘work ahead’. Let the softness return and you will free up your Inner Being to express itself and take the lead. Your Inner Being is ready to lead and to guide whenever you are prepared to let it. Softness is the key. (Don’t worry – not to be confused with apathy, nor laziness.) True inner softness is a discipline, requiring a strong, poised body; a clean, clear mind. Reach in for your inner softness; connect with your Inner Being and Knowing. 

Today I am practising Inner Softness <3





DRY today? NO

8.30am: Sausages & rice

1pm: Jacket potato, chilli, salad, tortilla chips, tea, cheesecake, biccies (Singing workshop delights!)

7pm: (At home) Lamb curry, rice, poppadoms, V&DietCoke


Screens off:   /       Lights out: 12.30

Wake up the next day:        8            Total sleep: 7.5


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