MEDS Day 61: Today I am listening *softly* for my heart’s whisperings

I am grateful for yesterday’s….

  • Important conversations: clarity gained; balance reattained
  • Feeling of being supported, cared for/about, even in high flux moment
  • Huge lunch
  • Movements class

Briefly today, as I’m on my way out to mediate…

I loved the heart’s whisperings exercise. Repeat?

Absolutely. Your heart has much more to tell you. Listen softly

Today I am listening *softly* for my heart’s whisperings


MEDS Trackers Dec2018 (chart here):
Med&Ex: Download Hour – Med | Aerobic | Qigong 10:10:05
Diet: Chopchopchop – mindful, plant-based food YES
Sleep: Sleepstate: 9Screens, 10Books No
Med minutes 10
Active minutes 73!
Steps 13700!
Food: muesli, celery, coffee, houmous, samosa,tea, V&T
Dry?  No
Screens off 12
In bed (with books..) 12
Hours slept (as per next morning) 6h3m


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