MEDS Day 81: Today I am a DOER (decide, organise, execute, result/repeat)

I am grateful for yesterday’s achievements, blessings, confirmations….

  • I started the 30 Day Qigong Challenge – wonderful to be back to QG – it’s so grounding and gathering. I love the emphasis on restoring vitality to the kidneys – just what I need.
  • I felt in high spirits and happy
  • I enjoyed my work calls – especially in the spirit of being out there
  • I had a curious run in with someone, and it was good to talk it through with G.
  • My Dad’s recording is getting some really positive attention. 🙂

Today, I am aware that I have a LOT to do, to keep work moving forward and move house. (Also… there is something on my mind I need to look into today, bravely.)

This morning I finally finished the main text of Reality Transurfing (751 pages, started 15th April 2018) – just the Glossary to go, but that will be a good revision. The final three paragraphs serve as a good reminder of the whole book:

The world is a mirror of your relationship with it only with a delayed reaction. By comparing your relationship to the world with the subsequent reaction of the mirror [ie your apparent current reality] you teach your mind a simple truth and yet one that is difficult for one’s consciousness to truly assimilate: You shape the layer of your world with intention. 

It is also essential to become comfortable with the simple but strange truth that you do not need to be concerned with the means and ways of achieving the goal. One fundamental principle lies at the foundation of this statement: the focus of intention determines the vector of the alternatives flow. 

All you have to do is maintain the focus and let the alternatives flow takes its course. The means of achieving the goal will present itself. You cannot and need not know exactly how the goal will be realised. Whatever happens, if you keep your target slide in mind and observe the principle of coordination the alternatives flow will carry you to your goal. Such is the law. 

(Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing pp750-1)

The idea of holding the intention in mind has been the driving factor for setting an intentional “I AM…” statement daily here (and in some previous diaries). Starting with the end in mind… Affirming the outcome before it is made manifest.

What is my best intention today and in life?

To serve those you can with whatever you can. 

Since I started studying post- and near-death experiences in c1997, I’ve been fascinated by the notion that the purpose of our lives is to get on, to unite, to serve, to bring joy to each other, to appreciate/honour creation, to develop ‘spiritual limbs’ for the next world/life. Equally, I’m fascinated by how our inbuilt default operating system, the ego, is set (or hell-bent?!) on heading in the opposite direction, towards separation, othering, winning, jazzhanding, standing out, glamour, disunity, tribalism, judgment, scathing, complaint, scarcity.

I’m also interested in my own autism (self-ism?!) and how it does and does not serve my higher purpose to unite with others. There’s a whole book there. It’s all beautiful. I k autism to be a spiritual gift. More anon.

My next question. How can I best hold in mind, joyfully and persistently, the intention to ‘To serve those you can with whatever you can’ and how can I do so without lending it way too much ‘importance’ and creating vibrational overload?

The best way to hold the intention to serve in mind consistently and yet lightly is… your gonna love this… to get organised

Why get organised? For you, dear precious soul, this is about freely channelling your ‘special interest mind’ and your practical energies. You have a general longing to connect and give and serve. Get organised in order to channel this longing in to the icing dispenser which will give you accurate and precise AIM to decorate the cake of your life as you would have it appear. 

If you got truly organised, you would note that you have too much on in your life. The reason you don’t get organised is that the way your life is set up it doesn’t actually fit in to the time available. You are busting out of your suitcase, so much to that you can’t actually shut your suitcase and travel; instead you make do with leaving it open on the floor with stuff tipping out of it. You call that living. 

Harsh, man…

We are rallying you to a new way of life. Very simple. Very streamlined. You want to serve others? Really? You’re going to have to sacrifice the fluff, the fear, the frenzy, the hand-flapping, the slapping water, the misfires, the confidence-boosters. What do you want to do? Hm? What is your service? Why aren’t you doing it now? And now? And now?

Maybe I am!

Name it. 

To love, to honour, to create happiness, to foster unity, to resolve conflict, to empower people to move beyond mental ill health…


Now get organised. Because intentions like that attract nonsense energies. Ok? You know what we mean. And it’s now more than ever. You need to be clean, lean, mean. This is why your word of the month is DECIDED. 

Ah yes… That book, about foxing the devil or something. I remember it’s main tenet: don’t be a drifter.

You decide and do your Work. Or, you drift and get diverted. There’s no middle ground. You can have good intentions, but if your first intention isn’t to ACT vigorously, resiliently and steadfastly, then the other intentions are mere tumbleweeds on the prairies. 

Wow. How do I get energised around being DECIDED?

Again: get organised. Decide, organise, execute, repeat…

Ha! “DOER”!! Excellent! I AM a ‘DOER’; I decide, organise, execute, repeatOk. I’ll practise this today.

Yes. Test it out. Only with tracking the decisions, and then observing the results, will you convince your mind that it is safe/wise to make strong DECISIONS. Your heart knows its truth very clearly. The mind is the slow one. Retrain your mind to be a DOER. Start small and work up. 

Thank you. I love this.

Today I am a DOER (decide, organise, execute, result/repeat)

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