Peak 107: I am entering New Earth

So, I know that I’m seeking to anchor myself into this reality, and yet, really, the best Peace-Reacher-Teacher learning comes from channelled sources. I’ve been seeking to steer away from that matter in this online version of my diaries, but I’m prepared to remain anonymous here for the foreseeable in order to be able to speak my truth. My truth is that the channelled material available to us is quite literally out-of-this-world. And tapping into it again, because I didn’t so much for a while, gives me Peace. These are my Peace-Reacher-Teachers.

And your human Peace-Reacher-Teachers?

G, without a doubt. And I’m sure many others. But largely, my tribe (country?) is frazzled and fried from applying heartfelt, compassionate, critical attention on the echo chamber of 3D division in our politics. And so am I.

I know I have been flickering away from my human Peace-Reacher-Teachers. Like Deborah (Healing Space) and Maria (Nourish) and Jeremy (Qigong). I’ve been trying to focus on my ‘work’. I keep putting ‘Book appointment with [xyz amazing Peace-Reacher-Teacher]’ on my to do list and then prioritising other things.

The result being: I’m trying to carry out my resolution work and interpersonal life while carrying around trauma and exhaustion…

The 5D teachers remind me of the bigger picture however. And that makes it easier to drop ‘work’ and prioritise Work.

[This article] is a case in point. Beautiful. Deep. Light. Nourishing and reassuring to my soul because it talks about ‘that which I sense and intuit yet no one in my surroundings is talking about it, so I start to feel crazed’… until I read these writings, and feel ‘Yes, this is it, and I’m not alone, and I can learn from these deep souls’.

So how can you ‘convert’ this learning to your 3D world? 

I can certainly learn from the human teachers and share that learning, openly.


For example in my public/professional blog.

And what of the fact that this will be ‘unpaid work’ for you..? 

Ergh… You know me so well. Well, I think that such public writing will bring new clients to me. So, it will be my marketing strategy. To interview expert Peace-Reacher-Teachers, and highlight their knowing.

Leap of faith, no? 

Yes! Huge. I can start to see it though… Let’s read:

-43- The most yielding of all things overcomes the hardest of all things. That which has no substance enters where there is no crevice. Hence, I know the value of action without striving. Few things under heaven bring more benefit than the lessons learned from silence and the actions taken without striving. (The Tao Te Ching 43)

Uff! My oh my…. ‘I know the value of action without striving.’ Perfect for me today… I’ve actually been awake since about 4am in a state of high internal panic and psychological labouring (here on ‘holiday’!).

Is this to correct me about the idea of doing interviews with the Peace-Reacher-Teachers? Is that idea too ‘strivey’?

Wheel-spinning is always an option to be selected or deselected. Confidence, vision and compassion to self and others always calms and reduces striving. It is helpful to know that love reduces the sense of impending doom. And the reduction in the sense of impending doom reduces the wheel-spinning. So injecting love into our thoughts and plans is key. 

And how do we ‘inject love into our thoughts and plans’?

Injecting love into thoughts and plans is done by assisting our inner nervous system to enter the parasympathetic state as often as possible so that we become accustomed to acting as a channel for the vibrations and frequencies of love. Does that make sense to you? 

Yes, very much so. Like when having a good massage, or meditating in a group… we slide into that relaxed held state. It feels blissful, or ‘heavenly’.

Blissful and heavenly feelings mean that you are vibrating in the state of the higher frequencies. Doing this as often as possible assists the body to relax into channel mode on a regular basis. It is really valuable to learn how to step out of the sympathetic state at will. Really valuable. And your Peace-Reacher-Teachers will teach you how to do that. Trust in their teaching. Know that this learning is crucial for you if you are serious about continuing your work in the ‘resolution’ field. You can really only enter this work on a permanent basis, if self-care and de-traumatisation become a permanent part of your self-care schedule. Take this seriously, and your ability to do the resolution work will soar. 

Wow. Ok. So actions so far:

  1. Reconnect with channelled Peace-Reacher-Teachers here (anon)
  2. Reconnect with human Peace-Reacher-Teachers (Deborah, Maria, Jeremy, Eliza…) as a subject and student
  3. Learn from them and write it up on professional blog – like a curious detective – reboot the blog with the focus on teachers and my learning, not on me jazzhanding / vaunting.
  4. Keep this self-care, detraumatisation, parasympathetic practice going permanently.
  5. Let these actions occur without my striving.

The way I see this 5D work, and the non-striving, is something to do with the phrase ‘New Earth’. Can we meditate on this?


Man, there is so much trauma in me. Time to release it. Tried to do TRE, but people starting to wake up. It’s windy out. Every time someone goes to the loo a door slams hard enough to shake the roof… This is all learning. (eg. should have followed instinct to see Deborah for TRE session before leaving for Portugal.) Non-striving is NOT passivity. Lao Tzu talks about the ‘value of action without striving’. That is, there is value in action! Just ensure you act in a state of assurance.

Jesus… If I hear another door smash shut, I am going to weep. I’m like a coiled spring. Help.

View from here - Entering New Earth
View from here – Entering New Earth

Entering New Earth involves:

  • walking firmly through the storm
  • crossing the darkened room boldly
  • taking action
  • saying no
  • saying yes

Entering New Earth (5D) is an AFFIRMATIVE action, not a vague idea. Any affirmative action requires composure and vision. Hold vision. See a door. See yourself entering it. Walk through it. Close the door behind you. 

Slam the door behind you?

If you like! 🙂 Enter. Enter. Enter. 

Ok. I hear you. Without striving, efforting, wheel-spinning, vaunting or jazzhanding, we enter New Earth.

We are all entering New Earth. That is the work of the age, isn’t it?

I am entering New Earth



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