Pivot 101: I am doing my work, well

Later after the last Dialogue, things got really shocking in the US – with the police turning on #BlackLivesMatter protestors with vicious brutality. I found myself limping through the day, tearful and shocked. I went to chat it through with AS, who was quick to draw my attention to the fact that my shock and my emotional paralysis were simply not the best I had to offer to this situation. I was gently woken up to the fact that it was not for me – a white person – to sit and simper (my word not AS’s) about how shocking and sad it all was. It was for me – a white person – to shake myself out of the centre-staging of myself in response to what I saw, and take action. This is not a black people’s problem to solve – it’s a white people’s problem to take radical and transformative action on, now.

Here I am two days on, and I want to record here on this day (2jun20), that the Western world is in uproar, with protests occurring in cities across the world. The US president appears to be invoking a civil war. The police brutality in the States is unspeakable – it’s become a police state in the space of a few days. Hong Kong is on the brink of being swallowed up by China entirely, despite a year of protests against such an event. Ebola has risen its head again in DRCongo. And in the UK, where we have the highest death rate in the world for Covid-19 deaths, we have just eased lockdown way ahead of time – and yesterday, we saw a rise in deaths again which the government then sought to cover up.

So, tell me more about envisaging harmonious futures, because I have struggled over the last few days.

Compassion. What is your definition of compassion? 

Well, I’ve been defining it as ‘seeking to prevent and alleviate suffering’.

So when your wise girl tells you that this is a time for action, she means it is a time for compassion. As she pointed out to you, it’s easy for empathic people like your self to get frozen to the spot by the felt reaction to what is going on. But as you know, ’empathy’ is a better response than ‘pity’ or ‘sympathy’, but it’s a less helpful response than ‘compassion’, because it is compassion that evokes ‘action to prevent and alleviate suffering’. First of all, you need to see the suffering and potential suffering. Go in and calm your Heart first. 

***15mInnerBalance Med – 45% high coherence – 2.1 av coherence***


One of my worst Inner Balance practices. I’m wired. My Heart is jumping today… Help please. 

So you go on Reddit to calm down? 

It was up from yesterday… I don’t usually. Hey, can we start again?

Always and whenever. 

What do I need to do to reboot today?

Literally start over. A brand new day. 

I woke at 5.30… I’m a bit tired. And over-wrought.

Literally start over. 

Good morning.

Good morning. Turn on maintenance mode. Ok. A word in private. You need to stop feeling you are here to commentate on world events. You really are not. You need to stop writing for an audience. Stop that right now. You are here to study and to learn. This is a serious business. Stop writing it for the ‘Gram. Or writing to appear awake to ‘what is going on’. We see you wanting to talk about your privilege as an albatross round your neck. Stop that now. You have gifts and talents from creative Source. Your job is to cultivate them. Nothing else. Give unto this world that which you have to give – whatever it is. Focus on that and not on the chaos you believe you see out there.

The truth is this: you don’t know what you are looking at when you look out there. You simply don’t. It is not as you ‘think’ it to be. Take that as truth. It is far, far, far more complex than what you are reading as ‘reality’ upon your screens. It is also far, far, far, far more simple. The simplicity is this: run your well-organised clinic, and do your Work. Work for PULL, and do not be pulled away from that by your own thoughts of ‘tragedy’. If you were able to see the fuller picture, we’d say, ‘yeah, sure, tuck in – look at that, and chat about it’. But here’s the thing: your perspective of your world at this time is as broad as the dandelion’s view of the world. It can only see the garden – so it is not really well-placed to commentate on the city down the road. 

So, pipe down?

So relax… Draw in… Get heart-centred. Do your work. And do it to the very best of your ability. That really is enough to use up all your day’s energy and more. Be good at what you do. That is your best, kindest and most compassionate offering to your vibrational landscape right now – especially if you take joy, relief and pleasure in your work. Respond to this time with heart-centred wisdom, in the space of your own home. Do your work, well. 

Ty. Helpful. I’m grateful.

This is your STO. Focus on it. Let others do theirs. Do your work, and do it well. Apply diligence, care, humility and passion to what you do. Take nothing for granted. Appreciate every single opportunity to make a difference in this world. While you still have breath in you to contribute even a flutter of good, cease lamenting the wrongs and ills of others. Stop that now. Do your work, well. And know what you are doing: making a difference. Be grateful for that. Be humble. Be diligent. Be heart-centred as you go. Do your work, to the very best of your abilities, clear and centred on what you are seeking to contribute. 

Tysm. xxx

Today, I am doing my work, well. 


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